Has America become God’s former Country?

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

I would be a liar if I were to claim that I did not foresee the events that occurred in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. Maybe not the exact nuts and bolts of the storming of the Capitol, citadel of America’s Congress and Democracy. But certainly, I was probably one of the first people to alert the world just before and after the last US presidential elections that a coup was brewing in Washington D.C.

Without a shred of doubt and as far as I am concerned, the remote cause of what has been called Donald Trump’s MAGA sedition was the election of Barack Obama in November 2008. With the benefit of hindsight, America was in no way mentally and psychologically prepared for the emergence of a black man as the president of that country.

Barack Obama by sheer force of personal intellect, charisma, and ability may have broken through the artificial glass ceiling imposed to circumscribe and limit the heights black people may ever attain in America. Since that event however, there has been a sustained effort by a significant segment of white America led by none other than Donald J. Trump, to replace that ceiling with a more enduring, lasting, and shatterproof substitute.

As president, Barack Obama led America for 8 straight years. It is true that he was far from perfect, but that was partly because he came across very fierce headwinds directed his way by Republicans who pre-programmed him to fail by any means possible. Obama had his shortcomings as well as successes depending on your personal ideological bent as traditional conservative or progressive.

For 8 long years Obama held the Fort admirably without taint or scandal. But that was not enough for racists who judged and condemned him solely based on the color of his skin.

That he was a competent if not spectacular President, better than very many white Presidents before him was never enough for the racists.

Led by none other than this very same Donald J. Trump, America’s incorrigible racists started their strategic onslaught by casting doubts on Obama’s citizenship with their so called ‘Birther’ Movement.

Time and again, Donald Trump relentlessly peddled lies about Obama not being born in the United States, without proffering any proof, much in the same way as he is currently peddling lies that himself and not Joe Biden won the last US presidential election.

Almost overnight in 2009, ultra-conservative Republicans launched their so-called Tea Parties to resist the assumed onset of socialism under Obama’s big government policies.

Gaining a strong foothold in Congress, they were basically set up and tried to make America ungovernable for Obama.

In fairness to the Tea Parties, they ostensibly restricted themselves to ideological and not outright racist opposition to the Obama presidency much unlike Donald J Trump did.

That Donald Trump had assiduously stoked the embers of racism and successfully fanned the latent racist instincts still residing in many white Americans became apparent at the expiration of Obama’s presidency.

After Obama’s tenure, white America rewarded Trump’s diligence as the leader of the Birther movement that discredited Obama's citizenship with the same position the later hitherto occupied with so much grace and panache.

The selection of Trump was a symbolic gesture, white America’s way of cleansing the White House and the U S Presidency which they felt had been desecrated because a black man and his family had occupied it.

President Donald Trump tried everything possible to wipe out the trace and legacy of his predecessor. Overturning everything that Obama did in every sense and manner possible, became Trump's mantra to the delight of his racist white base.

The more he tried to destroy Obama’s achievements, and the more racist his utterances were, the more popular Donald Trump became with his base. The more repulsive his mannerisms were, the more his supporters applauded and cheered him on. They were very delighted for having the opportunity to put black America back in its proper place.

I am always surprised in the aftermath of any appalling overtly racist action, when Americans say, “but this is not who we are.” This is an unfathomable lie. Many Americans are racist in private, even if not in public, possibly out of political correctness or fear of media backlash.

Donald Trump being well, Donald Trump, only threw caution and political correctness to the winds and said and did in public what many Americans say and do in private. For his bold efforts he received and still enjoys to this day, cult status among many Americans.

To be quite honest Donald Trump did do many good things particularly regarding the US economy. The US economy grew in leaps and bounds initially over the short term. Whether it was sustainable over the long term is an open question.

But Donald Trump did also quickly become the Emperor that could do no wrong. He seemed to have a transactional relationship with his supporters. From them he demanded rock-star style loyalty, adulation, and financial support, come what may. To them he gave unrestrained racist suppression of blacks and Hispanics, something very dear to their hearts.

His supporters, most of whom were frightened out of their wits, even up to the present day, by the mere presence of a black man in the White House, turned a blind eye to his serial outrageous conduct.

For their part, Republicans driven by the unrestrained, increasingly racist appetite and impulse of their political base, except for a very tiny few like Mitt Romney and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, cast their sense of caution aside and ceded all decency to rally round Donald Trump as he piloted his hate-wagon.

As Trump drove all of them down the slippery slope of hate in the MAGA hate-wagon, it was too late for sensible supporters who embarked on that perilous journey to disembark.

A crash landing was inevitable and on January 6, 2021, the racist hate wagon piloted by Donald Trump, crashed into the Capitol, citadel of Congress and ancestral home of American Democracy leaving five people including a Capitol policeman dead.

It is said that after a crash, many people who were hitherto drunk suddenly become sober. I hope a few of the MAGAITES can now regain their fragile senses and realize that they must coexist with other American citizens of different races without any sense of entitlement to unearned privileges administered solely based on skin color.

In an amazing feat of self-delusion, Trump’s MAGA faithful swear that they are “patriots”, hell-bent on “making America great again.” Deciphering what they are saying in racist speak, they really want to restore America to its greatness before it was debased by having a black man serve as President.

But talking of making America great, if the MAGAITES are not out of their senses, how exactly have they made America any greater under Trump than it was under Obama?

One quarter of all deaths from Covid-19 and of all declared Covid-19 infections in the entire world live in America. Is that a mark of greatness? MAGA adherents do not believe in Science, or in global warming. Being anti-science, is that a mark of greatness?

MAGA adherents do not wear masks, to protect themselves and others from Covid-19. Petulant selfishness and rank irresponsibility, is that a mark of greatness?

Let us not even go near official racist animosity. A police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes last summer choking him to death. Lack of humanity and pre-meditated, extra-judicial lynching by racist agents of the State, is that a mark of greatness?

The truth of the matter is that far from being made great, America and Americans are being ridiculed the world over for making fools of themselves under Donald Trump.

People are looking with shame, alarm, and consternation at MAGA Americans and thinking to themselves, "Are these the same people we once respected? How did we ever bring ourselves to respect these people, who are nothing but empty, worthless chaff, and spoilt, privileged charlatans projecting and parading themselves most unworthily as patriots?"

It is noticeably clear that the MAGA madness raging across America is a disease much worse than cancer. Americans should develop a MAGA vaccine with warp speed and administer same to all segments of the American population genetically predisposed to the MAGA malaise of susceptibility to conspiracy theories, racial intolerance, and denial of the truth.

For those people wondering how Trump managed to energize 75 million fired-up MAGA supporters, it is simple really. When the right seed is sown in a fertile ground, you can only reap a bountiful harvest.

Donald J. Trump, the MAGA Messiah, came along with a rabidly racist seed. In genetically predisposed people's minds, he met an already fertilized ground, eager and waiting to be cultivated. And he proceeded to do just that.

He once derisively and in a sense correctly, labelled many countries, including mine as an a**hole country. How ironical and remarkable it is that rather than making America great, Trump eventually only succeeded in making America look more like an a**hole country itself.

My unsolicited advice to Americans if they do not want to officially join the League of A**hole Nations is to permanently disable, decommission and deactivate the MAGA Messiah, Donald Trump politically, and make it impossible for him or an iteration to assume the office of President ever again.

Whether this is achieved by political or judicial means or both does not matter. Just make sure that because of his seditious activities, Donald Trump is permanently barred from ever becoming President again.

Otherwise, one day Americans will wake up to the sound of martial music, signaling the end of democracy, and the emergence of Donald Trump as the new strongman of the United States of America, with unlimited dictatorial tenure just like Vladimir Putin of Russia or Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

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