Fans Think Kim Kardashian may already be moving on with this close friend

By The Rainbow
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Kim Kardashian has lawyered up with divorce attorney Laura Wasser (who's handled two of Angelina Jolie's divorces, and Kim's divorce from Kris Humphries), and she's reportedly done with husband Kanye West . But how done is done? We know that Kim has not yet filed for divorce, despite having hired a lawyer, and we've heard reports that they're already in counseling and have been living apart to test out their separation. But according to some pockets of the internet, the legal issues are an afterthought and these two have already moved on. Rumors that Kim might be dating CNN commentator and close friend Van Jones began as soon as the news of her split from West came out — as did rumors that West had been romantically linked to YouTube star Jeffree Star, a piece of gossip so out of left field that it should remind you to take all of this with a hefty grain of salt. With a split this high-profile, everyone's speculating — and that being said, here's what we do know.

Kim and Jones, a bestselling author and nonprofit founder as well asa commentator, were first publicly seen together in 2018, at Rolling Stone's Criminal Justice Reform Summit. As keynote speakers, they discussed the need for prison reform in the United States. Jones also interviewed Kim on CNN for The Van Jones Show to discuss her meetings with President Trump to discuss commuting the sentences of nonviolent offenders like Alice Johnson .

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