Poem for Ugandans Living in Kenya

By Alexander Opicho - Lodwar, Kenya

Now is a short while
To the elections in Uganda
Yet non of you is in shape
Of mind and spirit to go home
And vote out the ruling junta
To pave way for good governance
a desire for ages in your dear land
Crying and yearning for braved up
Salvage from sons and daughters
Of the soil, go home brothers vote ,

Over a dozen millions of you skulk
In Kenya behind the cloak of sugar
Coated slavery , guised in masks
Of strong-quick-money-send-home ,
In a self-duping fit of un-patriotic work
Slavering in Kenya to liberate Uganda
A goof of the century beyond bounds
Of remedy ethereal even whole humanity

Shamba-boying in Kenya on rift farms
Only nourish bourgeois stomachs
Of avaricious masters in Nairobi city
Ignobling yourselves down to mire
Of lumpen wretchedness wallowing ever
In hideous facelessness sizable to none
But those dressed in readiness snag
Dignity of motherland for cheap turf,

Dear and polite daughters of Uganda, red - tenting on Kenya's back streets
is no exit package ; for those with the will, flesh and sweat to do what is to be done unto the palace of cruel desire
Setting freedom a tin drum taborer,Ergo
Put up the pants and go back to Uganda
Fight tyranny with power of womanhood
In protest to slavish life of sex-working
Know that peddling your pair of buttocks
Sets no woman free from sting of time,

Stand tall with heads high and shout out
That 'I am Ugandan!' Masquerade not
as Kenyans when you are true sons and Daughters of your great homesteads,
You know, to live as Anne Frank without Hitler is to mistake a maggot for meat,

I am going and going to Sunset kingdom
In search of those feral boys and girls
In my hand is a calabash of tidings
About the bumpkin they left at our home
It has poisoned our bloody brethren
Ten and eight now in their graves,

Go home Baganda vote for good rule
Good governance comes not from Cowards hiding in cheap comfort
Tyranny can be staved by numbers
Bobi Wine alone will be worn out soon
For loneliness even weakened the lion
Take not space of democracy in Kenya
A solution to what you miss in Uganda,

I stand on a pedestal of truth to curse
The abyss of poverty of good reason
In which wallowed one she-red-tenter
Born in Uganda but hustling in Kenya
Tethered on appetite for quick bucks
From college boys in Eldoret mini-city
And a monied boy came out with fees
yearning for mother and daughter
Both prone for money, sky the only limit
Occupational safety now on back-seat
Each hiding her newly found fortune
Lo! He had a baby with the two women,

Alexander Opicho (From, Lodwar, Kenya) [email protected]