Lessons From The Undisputed Iron Mike Tyson!

By Michael Dada

I am so proud of Mike Tyson right now! He is such an inspiration. Here is a man who emerged the youngest boxing heavy weight champion of the world at the age of 20! He dealt with everything including the pressure that came with being in the spotlight at such a young age. He earned millions of dollars. People who were supposed to protect him took advantage of his naivety.

Of course, for Mike, with the success came the women, the alcohol and excessive drug abuse coupled with incidents of violence and aggressive behaviour. Everyone wanted to take from Mike but had nothing to give him because they never truly cared about him. Desiree Washington accused him of rape. He went to jail. Don King cheated him off his wealth. Mike was shattered. He was separated from his children and did not fare better in marriage. His life was a rollercoaster. He was on top of the world and hit rock bottom. The classic grace to grass story.

However, I am glad Mike did not let his detractors have the last word on his life. He defied the narrative of the true Hollywood stories that document the rise and fall of people who did extraordinary things in their life. Mike refused to follow that sad narrative. He picked himself up from the dirt. Got clean off alcohol and drugs. Got his finances together with the help of good meaning people. Spoke openly about his struggle with addiction and substance abuse and his journey to recovery. If you listen to an old interview of Mike Tyson and listen to his recent interviews, you will not doubt the transformation he has undergone. His life is an inspiration worthy of emulation for anyone who wants to give up on life because of numerous mistakes. Look at Mike Tyson, with all the reckless living and very destructive behaviours documented publicly, he is re-writing his story.

At 54, Mike Tyson returned to the ring for an exhibition match with Roy Jones Jnr. For a 54 year-old who last fought professional boxing about 15 years ago, Mike Tyson is looking incredibly in-shape! Even though there are disputes that he won the fight, which Judges called as a draw, for Mike, it was no longer about winning, he was just grateful for the opportunity to be at where he is now in life. People wrote him off but he did not write himself off.

From his disposition in the ring and after the fight, you can tell that the former undisputed heavy weight champion of the world has undergone indisputable transformation for the better. Mike Tyson is a changed man! He has been married to Lakiha Spicer since 2009. He now spends more time with his children. He is the hero we all should strive to be. Mike Tyson is the living proof that no matter how far-gone you think you are, no matter the mistakes you make in life or the people that count you out, it is not over until you give up.

Congratulations Iron Mike!