Congratulation Ahmed Abiy for winning the war on Tigray, Will youTake Care of the Refugees and Observe Human Rights of the Internally Displaced

By Alexander Opicho

Congratulations Ahmed Abiy for winning the war on Tigray. You have correctly destructed an ethiopian facade of the out-dated but ever recurring political vice of fragmentation. A vice that has always haunted Africa like the hideous hobgoblin from the netherworld. This is the same vice that made us to loose Sudan to politically senseless social ecorches of Juba and Khartoum. It is the same Spector that is today haunting Congo, Libya and Cameroon. Without being ashamed of its sorriest experience as the Biafra phantasmagoria in Nigeria. I mean, we the living ones in Africa must be wary of the externally perpetrated filthiness that once managed to incise a self - congratulating political caricateaur of Lesotho into the belly of South Africa. I mean Africa does not need any further fragmentation, instead it needs commercially sound confederation. Hence, my warm- hearted word of regards to your categorical firmness in guest for one united Ethiopia. I believe it is also the time to learn from your choice of actions and reckon with the fact that military sovereignty is very necessary for building and protecting statehood and logical nationalism.

Honourable Abiy, More attractive is the military culture of Ethiopia, especially its overt gender mainstreamed Army that is substantially composed of young men and women endowed with true sense of military duty. A virtue I admire on behalf of my country Kenya where the protuberandly pot-bellied grand fathers in the army are ever sitting on the nest that was meant to hatch the genuinely talented military minds and muscles.

I know it is not good news to the natives of Tigray, but the fact is that not all challenges of economic exclusion are to be solved through violent secessionist attempt of the irrational type, especially that type of armed struggle for secession that is fuelled by emotional irrationality, tribal chauvinism, tribal intolerance and defective political thinking verging on some kind of ethnic fundamentalism. It is under such social contexts that I find dome social logic in encouraging Ethiopians in Tigray to choose to engage in dialogue with the government of Ahmed Abiy for inclusion into the economic and political mainstreams of Ethiopia. It is technically realistic that dialogic negotiations will arduously take time but in this juncture , patience and seasoned negotiation are more virtuous than getting guns to fight your own government for no other reasons but ethnic selfishness. Sadly enough, being driven to fight your government by the selfishness which cannot justify we the people of Africa to see a divided Ethiopia.

Most congratulatory Honorable Ahmed Abiy, is your very intelligent choice to decline offers made to you by pretentious peace makers. You were right, some old politicians from East Africa are so Machiavellian, they were only dissembling as peace makers only to make you let them in so that they can spy on Ethiopia or loot Ethiopia's wild life .They would loot Ethiopia as they work on how to prolong the war . I hope you will agree with me that the experience of Southern Sudan is a testimony enough about poverty of quality in character of peace makers from East Africa, a condition which sharply contrasts with the rich heritage of war opportunism in the same region of larger East Africa.

Honorable Abiy, it is true the Western Media in the likes of TV France 24, Deutsch Welle online newspaper and the BBC have been some-what sensational but not objective in the manner in which they have been covering news about your war on Tigray, but the fact is , our people, our dear harmless women, children, aged and unarmed people of Tigray are now refugees in Sudan, living under no roof in the desert, with no water, food, shelter, medicine and as well as with no covid-19 face masks. Kindly , be empathic in this regard to work fast and swiftly to accommodate and rehabilitated these helpless people. Moreover, Sudan is also volatile and fragile state system with no human, cultural, social,and material resources to take care of refugees. Thus the buck squarely stops on the table of your government , honourable Abiy. Please take care of the Ethiopian refugees in Sudan.

Honourable Abiy , in your statement of declaration that the war on Tigray is over, you said that the region of Tigray will be under the aegis of military police , that the military police will be dealing with the TLPF clique. Will you be faire enough to make sure that there is no military brutality on the civilians, will you ensure that there is un-fettered media freedom. Will you remember the words of Lenin that 'just beat them but don't kill them' when dealing with the unarmed dissidence in Tigray? I hope honorable Abiy you will be guided by the wisdom in the speech you made some years ago in South Africa when encouraging Ethiopian refugees in South Africa to come back home , to come back to Ethiopia . I hope you will also be bound by the moral obligations of being the active peace Nobel Prize Laureate by not using the state machinery to brutalize the civilians of Tigray during their coming time under your military rule in Tigray. It is my empathy and emphatic prayer to you that you observe human rights obligations as you exercise your military rights on the now forlorn human lives in Tigray.

Honourable Abiy, I am writing to you all these words out of moral justification in my capacity as a citizen of East Africa and as an African but above all as a human being. We all have duty to protect lives of the vulnerable and the powerless. Honourable Abiy, I hope you are aware that economic powerlessness has made life of a black person to be easily trampled on throughout the world. You are aware of extra-judicial and senseless killing of black people in America , Brazil and France.You are also aware of the recent political omissions in Nigeria that let to dozens of lives of young men and women participating in SAARS being lost to unmitigated police brutality. The same to Cameroon, where lives are lost because political pettiness of the day is fighting over spoken French and spoken English as if there are no local languages in Cameroon. You are also aware of over thirty young men and women recently getting killed by the police in Uganda for no other reasons but for participating in the constitutionally justifiable political pluralism expressed through social actions of Bobi Wine. It is so unfortunate that Africa is busy destroying its treasured resource-the youthful population. Kindly, honoured and honourable elderv Abiy don't take the direction of the examples above to richochet into a millitary spree of killing young people in Tigray, instead include them in your political and economic mainstreams.Thank you and be blessed in all your endeavours.

Yours -Alexander Opicho
(From, Lodwar,Kenya)
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