Gov Buni Presents N106,998,499,776 2021 Budget of Consolidation and Economic Rejuvenation

By Sadiq Abubakar, The Nigerian Voice, Damaturu

Governor Buni Mai Mala of Yobe State has presented 2021 Fiscal Year budget of N106,998,499,776 for both capital and recurrent expenditures lower than the 2020 budget of N108,314,101,082 which represents a reduced budget compare of the 2020 budget due to COVID-19 pandemic that is a global phenomenon

The governor said that during the year 2021, his Government intends to consolidate and enhance existing projects and programmes as well as build in the achievements realised in the year 2020 while reviewing the performance of the 2020 budget.

Addressing the members of the State House of Assembly Thursday at the floor of the house , Governor Buni said, "Given a review of our performance from 1st January to November, 2020 gives a clear picture of our successes to enable us usher in new proposals for the attainment of our goals in line with the aspiration of our people as contained in our policies and programmes.

"The total amount earlier approved for the 2020 Budget was N108,314,101,082 but due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic which negatively affected the entire global economy, necessitated us to scale down the total figure of the Budget to N86,049,111,104.

"During the period under review, to October 2020 the actual revenue receipts from the Federation Account Allocations, Internally Generated Revenue and other sources stood at N65,324,222,370 giving us 75.92% of the reviewed projected target.

"Out of the sum of N51,894,502,756 earmarked for recurrent expenditure in the 2020 Budget, the actual amount expended was N37,140,314,084 representing 43.16% success.

"The capital expenditure was expected to gulp N34,154,608,348 but the actual amount spent in this area was N22,331,731,120 indicating 65.38% success. The overall performance of the 2020 budget for both recurrent and capital expenditure was N59,472,045,204 showing 69.11% success and with the progress in the outgoing fiscal year, I can now present our proposal as contained in the 2021 Budget.

"Against the background of our achievements in 2020, the 2021 Budget will concentrate on completion of all ongoing projects, creating an enabling environment for youth empowerment and accelerate restoration and improvement of livelihood for the entire citizenry.

"For these reasons, we have decided to tag the 2021 Budget as budget of “RECOVERY, CONSOLIDATION AND ECONOMIC REJUVENATION”, and we therefore plan to expend a total sum for the execution of our various projects and programmes.

"This figure gave us an increase of N20,949,388,672 or 17.2% over that of 2020 Budget. Out of the total amount, the sum of N63,184,171,776 or 59.5% has been earmarked for recurrent expenditure while the sum of N43,814,398,000 or 40.95% would be dedicated to financing of capital expenditure", Buni said.

According to him, the 2021 budget would largely focus or dwell on completion of all ongoing projects with intention to sustain our efforts towards completion of the International Cargo Airport; Trailer Park at Potiskum and Modern markets in Damaturu, Potiskum, Gashua and Nguru as well as Geidam. .

Similarly, the road projects of Damagum-Gubana and Nguru-Bulanguwa and township roads in Damaturu, Gashua, Geidam, Nguru and Potiskum will be completed in 2021.

"We also intend to construct additional inter and intra township roads across the State. We would reinvigorate our drive in providing numerous empowerment packages for our industrious and teeming youths to facilitate realization of their dream for self-actualization, self-reliance and attainment of economic prosperity.

We would seek the collaboration of various Federal Government Agencies and relevant International Non-Governmental Organizations for the attainment of our goals in this regard. The sum of N1,890,000,000 (One Billion and Eight Hundred and Ninety Million) has been set aside for the execution of various youth empowerment programmes under the N-Cares Programme in the State.

The Sectoral and Ministerial allocations contained in the estimates of the 2021 Budget are as follows Administrative sector, 12,442,187,857 recurrent 4,366,978,000 capital with total of 16,809,165,857. Economic sector, 23,546,000,339 recurrent, 30,909,350,000 capital with total of 54,455,350,339. Law and Justice sector, 1,773,059,123 recurrent, 592,000,000 capital with total of 2,302,059,123. Social sector, 25,422,924,457 recurrent, 8,000,000,000 capital with total of 33,431,924,457, having a grand total of 63,184,171,776 recurrent expenditures, 43,814,328,000 capital expenditures and total of 106,998,499,776.