Finally, Ifeanyi Ubah's Illiteracy is Showing.

By Okey Felix Onwuasoh

Somebody once wrote that he knows those who won’t be governor of Anambra state. At the point he wrote the piece many considered him presumptuous, even audacious. What does he know? Who admitted him in knowledge? When has he assumed the powers of divine authority to tell the future? The piece had no chance of a fair appraisal.

However not long after, and with many of the aspirants evolving, it is hard to shrug off the piece. A good number of them are conforming to the prophetic “impudence”. Chief among them is Senator Ifeanyi Ubah whose obscure rise to riches and manipulated election to the senate of the federal republic of Nigeria is causing Nnewi, Anambra state and Nigeria more harm than good. I will explain.

Since he came into limelight at the instance of his Capital Oil business which is now heavily in debt, Ubah has only insulted, abused and betrayed people. He has been most brash, insulting his superiors, abusing his workers, betraying his business colleagues and manipulating the state. Sadly, he approaches public office with low level knowledge of issues and overreaching attitude to business. Ubah is a drowning man, clutching on any straw to stay out of a dangling jail term over unfinished business with AMCON. His time is running out and he desperately wants the office of the governor of Anambra state as immunity against imminent imprisonment.

Because of his low level of understanding of issues he believes Governor Obiano is standing on his way of escape from prison. In his usual manner of fighting dirty he is already crying like a chaffinch that was pelted in the mouth, accusing the Governor of every crime conceivable. But those who know Ifeanyi Ubah do not take him seriously because of his penchant for false accusations and abuse of protocols. The list of his victims is legion. Victor Umeh, Soludo, Andy Ubah, Peter Obi, Chris Ubah, Chris Ngige, Nicholas Ukachukwu, Stella Oduah, Uche Ekwunife, Bianca Ojukwu, etc and now the Governor. All of these people have at one time or the other been insulted by the whippersnapper senator though they managed his vituperations with great equanimity. Cosmos Maduka(Coscharis), Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson) Alexander Chika Okafor(Chicason) Cletus Ibeto(Ibeto Group) et al have either been fleeced by Ubah or have their businesses compromised by him. The church is also not spared of the antics of the rabble rousing politician. With the promise of building a more edifying structure for the Catholic Church in Nnewi, he has subjected the worshippers to the vagaries of the elements. Journalists in the employ of his defunct Union newspaper are on his neck for their salaries. Capital Oil truck drivers who have borne years of debt from his company have continued to sulk even on the wheel with its attendant hazards on the road.

In a recorded voice message which is everywhere on the internet, Ubah accused Governor Obiano of harassing him. He called himself the third highest elected political office holder in Anambra person after the Governor and his Deputy. But he quickly corrected himself by saying that under classification (whatever that means) that he is the 5th person after Senators Stella Oduah and Uche Ekwunife. A thoughtless fellow who speaks before he thinks, he finished ranking himself ahead of Oduah a ranking senator and Ekwunife who was formerly of the House of Reps, before he realized his gaffe.

But that is not even the issue, Ubah has over the years failed to realize what decorum is – that a politician should be polite and restrained of speech. Each time he opens his mouth and prattles like a tout he leaves many blushing. He threatens where he should cajole and blurts out where measured speech is required. Hear him: “The Governor has taken more than he should and must be warned from harassing me. Onye akpakwana agu aka n’ odu, ma o din ndu, ma onwulu anwu” (loosely translated as - a lions’ cub should not be provoked dead or alive). Vintage Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah he talks like an uncouth trader whose level of education is hardly above elementary six or at best, secondary class one.

It is important to note that Ubah has an axe to grind with Governor Obiano. Ever since he lost the APGA ticket for Anambra south senatorial contest in 2019, he is yet to forgive the party, the Governor and the government. Blinded by vengeance, he is ever ready to concoct any lie to tarnish the image of the Governor. His position is not helped by his low level of education which denies him the critical faculties to know what is believable and what is not.

Eager to be cheered by his listeners and to suck up to some powerful political blocks in the state ahead of 2021, Ubah made spurious allegation about the Governor collecting N25 billion from the federal government. But because he is sloppy about most things, he did not say whether it is a grant, a refund or a loan. And if it is a grant whether Anambra state received it in isolation? Which other states were beneficiaries?

If it is a refund what project was being refunded? If it is a loan what type of loan? Infrastructural, agricultural, educational or what?

Anybody who has a slight knowledge of what is going on in the country would know that the federal government is struggling to keep the economy of the nation above waters. It has had to borrow money from China and even asking for more loans from Brazil. It makes no sense therefore that it is taking these loans not for specific projects, but to give to Anambra state either as a loan, a grant or a refund of money owed her. The last time I checked Anambra state is still in Southern Nigeria, does not share affinity with any of the Northern States and Governor Obiano is not Aminu Bello Masari.

Ubah insists there is total collapse of governance because Governor Obiano did not bring them (the elected representatives of the people from other parties) together. It is doubtful if Ubah understands what total collapse of governance is and what makes him believe he holds the aces. Assuming without conceding that Ubah is deep enough to offer any meaningful suggestion, what is the guarantee he won’t betray the cause? What, from his provenance, guarantees that his advice will not run the government aground as he ran many of his businesses? What evidence of patriotism does he bring to the table?

Mass purchase of Innoson brand of vehicles by the federal government suffered the worst frustration in the floor of the senate under Ubah’s shenanigans.

Ubah should realize that ndi Anambra are discerning enough to know who they want or do not want come 2021. And nothing is going to stop them from sticking out their necks to defend their votes. The EndSARS protest should be enough eye-opener to rabble rousers like him who is planning to compromise 2021. Ubah should know that Obiano is not his problem and he is not contesting in 2021. He should therefore concentrate and stop dissipating his energy.

Enough said!
Okey Felix Onwuasoh writes from Ezeogidi street, Nnewi

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