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By NBF News

It's a once-in-a-year prayer event and the venue is Mount Mercy, Erio-Ekiti, Ekiti State, where Evangelist Hezekiah Oladeji, of Christ Apostolic Church, Canaanland, Ibadan, organizes divine deliverance and impartation.

Three days to the main programme, people from all walks of life began to troop in from different parts of the world to be partakers of the feast of miracle-pact crusade.

Just before the last night, Daily Sun visited the over 100-metre high mountain where people climbed with loads of problems of various degrees.

Some were heard praying as they were climbing, hoping to descend at the end of the programme with overwhelming solutions to their problems.

The evangelist at the centre of the event looks smallish compared to the gravity of problems people bring to him.

The man of God disclosed that 10 years ago, he was on the mountain to seek more power from God when he was told by the Holy Spirit to begin to organize prayer on the mountain once in a year.

According to him, he was just a vessel used to fulfil a prophesy long given by the founder of CAC, the late Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, who had declared the mountain to be a new Jerusalem where people from different parts of the globe would gather to worship the Almighty God.

Praying to God and crusade are commonplace in Nigeria, but this crusade stands out as there were kings from different kingdoms in the state who thronged the mount, praying without exhibiting royal decorum.

Onikun of Ikun-Ekiti, Oba Adeleye Awojobi, set aside his white walking stick and cap and lay face down on the rock to speak silently with the King of kings.

His host, the Elerio of Erio-Ekiti, Oba Benjamin Adetoyinbo JP, before he went on his knees, disclosed to Daily Sun that his domain was free of idol worshiping, noting that his coronation was done according to Biblical injunction on January 14, 1995, by Pastor Oluseye of the CAC family.

The following year, he claimed God instructed him to embark on a 21-day fasting and prayer when he was expected to ask for all he wanted as the new king of a God-chosen kingdom. An event that remains shocking to him was how his subjects trooped out to join him in the first night of 1996 when God asked him to pray with his people on the mount till daybreak.

Since the 'Passover Night,' God has held nothing back in seeing the people of the town succeed in all their endeavours. According to the monarch, no crusade could compare to the annual prayer event in terms of loads of blessings people go home with each time.

Oladeji revealed to Daily Sun that 'the Lord told me that the nation Nigeria would rise and shine very soon. He also declared that all the powerful people who are looting the nation's treasury would be removed. This nation would smile again.' He described members of the House of Representatives as self-centered, saying that the recent fight in the House was for self-aggrandizement.

The minister of God, however, implored Nigerians to keep praying and visit the Mount of Mercy during the annual prayer fiesta and anytime they wish to speak to God on the mountain.