Biden Landslide Cut By 3rd World Votes Suppression Tactics

By Farouk Martins Aresa 

Joe Biden would have won by a landslide if you took all the Blacks suppression votes tactics legally or by chicanery like a third world country into consideration. Biden mitigated the problem by splitting the votes of goodwill people more than most Democratic Presidential candidates but fell short among Latino in Florida. He still becomes the President-Elect of the United States. It does not matter whether it was by narrow, close or a landslide win. There is no way anyone could have identified whose votes that would be disallowed during the time polls were taken or picked voters that would be recluse in their survey.

Therefore, when people talk about inaccurate pollings, some of them are only justifying their self-fulfilling hypocrisy. All these would not happen in some African countries without a riot. All the obstacles of voters' suppression either by court actions, gerrymandering, intimidation or the rate of 3 to 1 voters ballots nullifications against minorities encouraged world authoritarian regimes. Biden's landslide would not have been reduced to a closer race in a free and fair democratic election. These do not even include the disproportional distortion of the Electoral College votes by which the President is chosen regardless of who won the popular votes.

This compromise does not necessarily translate into democracy that is not perfect: but the Electoral College vote is the best we have. Even liberals have to face and look for better solutions to white indifference that keep on voting for candidates they know are not candid in their utterances and sincere in behavior, instead of so called "moderate" in the Party to normalize it or pile blames on the 10 to 20 percent missing Blacks that did not vote for them. When you normalize aberrant behavior, your minorities that are the victims would join a party that has the power to change it from within.

It is unreasonable to say anyone that did not vote for Biden was not black but whites that did not vote for Biden should be gently persuaded. So must the few Blacks deserting the Democratic or liberal parties. How can one justify a close race that could have resulted in a loss in view of recent George Floyd's truama to the world or Heather Heyer murder in Charlottesville, Va. that promted Joe Biden to run: President’s “good people on both sides”.

Indeed, Blacks always vote in higher percentages for world liberal parties than other groups. While 80 to 90 percent of Black women vote for Democratic Party, Black men follow with 70 to 80 percentages. Yet, most analysts claimed they could have made a difference if they voted the way they did for Obama that got their votes. White candidates must work harder to turn out a higher percentage of white votes as Obama did. In fairness to Biden, he has been able to garner a higher percentage of whites more than other Democratic Presidential candidates.

Blacks have been loyal members of the Democratic Party than other ethnic groups like the Latinos and the Asians. Mind you, Blacks also have their differences in the United States. Some claimed Obama has different experience from them. The Latino voters are more diverse in their tendencies toward voting for parties. Compared Latinos in Arizona originally from Mexico that voted lumpsidedly for Biden. They think more of the hostility against Latinos trying to cross the border. But most Americans like most countries, want a safe secured border and it is the primary drive for Republican votes.

Cubans in Florida detest socialist parties they equate to communism in Cuban and the Venezuelans remember Chavez, their dictator that turned a rich country poor after attracting sanctions from the Western countries led by the United States. So, they gravitate towards politicians that preach against socialism. But the Chief Communist is no one other than Vladimir Putin of Russia today, the supporter of dictators around the world. What Castro of Cuba and Chavez of Venezuela had in common with the President of the United States they voted for in Florida, was their friendship with dictators.

If those with dictatorial tendencies are the "moderate" the world wants to embrace, minorities in the United States might as well change this distortion within by invading other parties. Liberals have been called hypocrites that share racist views of conservatives to gain white votes. Those blacks that are joining Conservative Party or Republican Party are also looking for white votes after they have been taken for granted by liberal or labor parties.

The fact remains that whites are like everyone else that are reluctant to give up advantages and privileges they gained from the vestiges of serfdom, slavery and minimum wages. They swing from Obama to Trump, to enforce regressive law and pack the Supreme Court because of fear of losing their privileges. When they see agitations and protests that will change the status quo as the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter movements, they become worried.

Most young people, even those born into privilege, know there is injustice in the system. But as they get older and realize privileged societies benefit confer on them, they become less radical. It must be made clear that Trump did not create anything new, but he was only uncanny enough to exploit existing prejudice that existed in the society he grew up in. Apart from Voters' Suppression, more whites voted for Trump than Biden despite the deaths of more Americans from Covid-19 than anywhere else in the world. People must think deeper of what the decision of whites would have been without Covid-19.

The choice was to live or die with Covid-19 instead of voting out a man that preserves their privileges. Look no further than the rationale of regular Church goers and religious Right that found solace in a man that neither goes to Church or shares their belief but used both to gain their votes. They oppose abortion and favor candidates that side with them. The irony that those that oppose abortion deny food stamps and other food aids aid to the same children and their families, is besides the point for them. They prefer begging for crumbs from charity piteously to change minds and convert. But they detest government aid to children regardless of ideology.

Regular Church goers and religious Right claim the choice for President is not the selection of the Pope. The bottom line is minorities will make temporary but not sustainable gains in countries where the odds of changing privilege is against them. However, the only place minorities especially Africans can make lasting changes and be respected outside, is in their own countries. Beating your chests red, black and blue about achievement outside your home is a false sense of grandeur.

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