U.s. Presidential Election 2020: Trump In Early Lead With Over 1.3m Popular Votes, 11 Electoral Votes

By The Nigeria Voice

The United states President, Donald Trump, is in early lead with over 1.3 million votes in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky in the 2020 presidential election, this is against Joe Biden’s over 860,2000 votes.

This was disclosed in a monitored result seen by this newspaper on Wednesday.

Trump has 11 electoral votes , while Biden is yet to secure.

Trump who is contesting under the Republican Party leads his opponent Biden of the Democratic Party in the results of the elections collated in Indiana and Kentucky.

In Kentucky, Biden has 131,735, while trump has 141,192 votes.

In Indiana, Trump leads 130,590, while Biden has 67,047 votes.

In Florida Trump leads 764,488 votes, while Biden HSS 680,124 votes.

Trump had said he will not declare an early win, adding “no reason to play games “

“I think we’re going to have a great night,” Trump said.

The democrats have won popular votes in six of the last seven US presidential elections.

Biden believes he will win the election citing voters turnout and long queues.

Both candidates need 270 electoral votes to win as the president of the United States in the election.

Trump needs to win the state of Florida, as a Florida victory for Biden could end President Trump’s chances of re-election