Ifeanyi Ubah - Portrait Of A Senator Who Wants To Be Governor

By Okey Felix Onwuasoh

It is now very clear that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has no idea what his limitations are. Don’t get it twisted. He is just a business man who ought to have remained in that trade. But he did not. He maneuvered his way to the senate where he is more of a burden to our people than a blessing.

From the benefit of hindsight he should not have been availed the chance of an elected office. To this day, Ubah's presence in the senate denies Anambra state a chance at quality representation.

But Anambra is not the only unfortunate state that suffers this denial. She shares the misfortune with some states, chief among them is Adamawa where one of her senators Ishaku Elisha Abbo is as uncouth as Ubah.

Like Abbo who beats women at will, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has history of luring people into his house to beat them. At a slight provocation he slaps his aides and lures his campaigners to his house to beat and dispossess them of campaign material which he gave them at the beginning of an electioneering campaign. This is in addition to the terrible situation he subjugates those who work under him by owing them arrears of salary. As at the time of writing this, drivers on Capital Oil fleet are owed over a year six month salaries. The funny aspect of this is that he converts their salaries into chasing of unnecessary publicity.

Apart from Ubah’s questionable dealings in the Congo and which is complemented by fleecing business colleagues like Coscharis etc, not much in terms of the source of his wealth is known.

Ubah is unfit to occupy any public office which must be attained on personal integrity. He does a few charity work here and there, gives a car here and donates money there, but he still does not possess personal integrity that supports the ambition he nurses. The best Ubah can do is to stay out of politics like Senator Chris Ngige rightly advised Arthur Eze lately and manage his business. But where that is not possible because of his belief that money answers everything even when our people know that he is in serious debt now, he can do well to go into unionism. In unionism his natural aptitude will find the right expression.

Ndigbo will get their politics right the day traders and business men like Ifeanyi Ubah stay away from politics. They have systemic limitations.

Complex matters of governance will task Ubah's mental capacity and put the state through avoidable problem. It is only in unionism that his limited education will not encounter serious challenge.

Many will argue that good leadership does not require lots of education to thrive. Those who say this are yet to encounter a barely literate man with lots of money. He is one of the most difficult persons to deal with. He is without humility and has no need for correction.

Obstinate, brash and cutting, lack of education puts him at odds with good reason and makes him fail altogether.

Ubah's selfish impetuosity does not sit well with Anambra of today. For a state that produced some of Nigeria's greatest to tolerate what it rejected over 17 years when the other Ubah(Chris) ran riot in the state will only encourage retrogression.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s braggadocio does not support the politics of Ndigbo which requires tact and team work. He is way off the mark and lacks the mental power to articulate the views of our people.

For example his aspiration to higher political office does not need the drama he brings into it. For some time now, he has spoken in a manner that suggests he lacks tact. He has followed up with sending his e rats on political opponents and the state government, accusing both of sundry misdeeds.

If he fails to pay members of his football team, the government was responsible. If he cannot deliver any constituency project to his people, the government is blocking him from doing so.

It is a pity that when other senators work hard to represent their constituents, Ubah is work in reverse. No senator has fought as hard as Ubah to frustrate a member of his constituency from assessing federal government patronage. Innoson Vehicles were proposed to be purchased by the federal government, rather than support it Ifeanyi Ubah made spirited efforts to frustrate it. He fought a bitter war on the floor of the senate with Senator Chuka Utazi over this matter. Coscharis had been a victim of Ubah's blazing greed. He fleeced him of good money and defied him to do his worse.

His barely literate aides may want to defend him, but those of us from Nnewi cannot stand akimbo and watch Ubah ruin our worthy sons. He may decide to war with everybody, including the state government which he has no business with, but bringing the war home to Nnewi will consume him.

Just because he wants to be governor everybody must be decimated. We have not forgotten his failed promise with the catholic church in Nnewi and many others. Let it be communicated to Ubah that na Nkwo Nnewi amaro na ofu onye abiaro afia. He can carry on with his repair of roads without exposing his uncouth manners. Others have done so quietly. The state knows those who won't govern her even if the aspirants are still in the dreamland.

Okey Felix Onwuaso writes from Ezeogidi street, Nnewi.

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