Anytime A Soldier Is Killed

By Odimegwu Onwumere

No life is worth to be abused. However, anytime a soldier is killed in a given environment in Nigeria, they should expunge themselves of the primodial mentality of going for vendetta no matter the code guiding them to revenge the death of any of their members killed (if there is any code for reprisals).

They should rather involve the police whose training involves keeping peace and to investigate any crime. It is very appalling that the citizens of Nigeria are witnessing what was supposed to be in fiery tales in their communities whenever a soldier is killed.

Ransack the town? This is not a military regime. It is democracy, and the rights of the citizens must be individually and collectively respected. The US for example won't have attacked Nigeria had it been they lost a soldier when they were in Nigeria to rescue their 27yr son.

This is a good example of how to be good Army. Let the Nigerian Army review its policy on overbearing invasion of communities when any of their members is unlawfully killed in the streets, towns and villages in Nigeria.

Albeit, all citizens should condemn in strong terms any form of exrajudicial killing. It must be abhored to its root. Well, the lives of animals matter, let alone, the precious life of a human being.

Nov. 3 2020.