To The Next Interim Government

By Nwokedi Nworisara

Restruturing Nigeria does not depend on the opinion of present intellectuals. It is a fulfilment of natural law of creation. There is always a plan before any building and when you want to modernise such building you do not stray away from the plan. If you do then you are only building afresh.

It tells the world that the former plan is repudiated and that you have to make a fresh plan,then seek approval of it and give it a name and if widely approved you can then implement it. But if you simply want to renovate the building, then you do it within the confines of the original plan so that you do not need to commission another and to seek approval because you depend on the old approval to work. In that case you can retain the name Nigeria in the comity of nations.

All we need do is close the circle of events in history. The next regime will be an interim government that will properly close the circle of military rule started by Gen Aguiyi Ironsi in 1966 when he accepted power from a written document presented by the remaining members of the Balewa parliament with a promise to use the military law to restore law and order and to hand over power back to the parliament as soon as this task is completed.

So the military has taken 50 years to restore law and order since they were not empowered to govern. It is safely deductable that law and order has not returned to Nigeria that is why the military continues to engage through military decrees now known as no go areas pushed into the constitution as Acts of the national Assembly. These incongruent laws continue to sow violence and disturb peace only for military to come in to bring peace!

So the structure we run is not a true structure of Nigeria leading to calls to restructure it back to the legal structure of Nigeria as enunciated in the 1963 constitution. What it means is that restructuring is no debate or opinion but a return of those parts of the 1963 constitution suspended by the incoming military in 1966 which must be replaced as soon as the military complete the circle of their engagement by declaring that they have restored law and order and written to the parliament to take back the power they received.

These were not done in 1979 and 1999 so the civil rules of these periods were a diarchy with military still ruling Nigeria and no democracy or enduring development can come out of it nor can their actions be legalized. So true Nigeria up building depends on the completion of that circle. The sooner it is carried out and the status quo of 1966 restored the better for everybody.

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