How Do I Get My Ex Back If She Left Me For Someone Else

Look, guys are supposed to be tough, right? A little thing like breaking up with a woman is just a part of life, and no big deal. Maybe that's the stereotype of what men go through, but in real life, break ups are just as hard on men as they are on women. Plus, if she left you for another guy, that just adds insult to injury, it's a blow to your pride. But, yet, you're finding that you still have feelings for her and now you're asking "how to win your ex back if she left me for someone else?" Here are some things to think about when considering that question.

Not so fast! As a man, your emotions can play tricks on you, so take a step back and assess the situation as though you were an outside observer. Then ask yourself if you really want her back. If you do, great. However, if you're just not 100% sure then try seeing other women for a while. Don't do it to make her jealous; that's never a good reason. But, if you find the company of a new woman keeps you from thinking about your ex, then it's probably time to move on. Okay, from here on out, we'll assume that you really want her back.

Here's the first part of your game plan: Review what caused you to break up. Sure, she may have left you for another guy, but why? Is it because he has something you don't? To be blunt, yes. But, you also have something he doesn't. Regardless, by figuring out what happened, you'll have an easier time determining what you can do better. Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody learns from them. You just need to be one of the people that learns from them.

Time out! Now that you know you want her back, and have an idea of what went wrong, you may want to get right back into the game. But, you need to take a time out. She needs time to sort things out, and you do, too. Besides, given time, she may realize how much of a mistake the other guy is, and try to make up with you.

Get back in the game. The good thing about time outs is that they're temporary. Now it's time to start trying to get her back, and that all comes down to communication. You have to decide if you're going to be a spectator, or a player (in the best meaning of the word). You can make yourself wondering what she's up to, or if she'll ever come to her senses and call you. Or, you can get right back into the thick of things and find out for yourself.

Be a good sport. You've decided you're not going to sit on the sidelines, but that doesn't give you an excuse to be a jerk. You need to take things one step at a time, be calm, treat her with respect and be honest. All of those things will give you a solid foundation on which to rebuild your relationship. And that is the best answer to the question "How to get my ex back if she left me for someone else?"