#endsars: An Outcry Of Hardship And Innocent Blood

By Emmanuel Nicholas 

When a baby is hungry, the ululation of hunger is preached through tears. When a dog is hurt ,the pains is expressed through barking .

An hungry leopard does not mind eating the offspring. A frustrated eagle can even throw away the eaglet out of its nest.

The journey started with #ENDSARS but the underlined fact is that this is beyond ending SARS. It is more of hardship and frustration.

After 6 years of President Buhari's administration, it is no more time to blame the opposition with the usual sermon that the past machinery of government

It is time for APC Government to ease the suffering of Nigerians.

In 2015, rice was sold for N8,500. Now, it is 34,000. A dollar was exchanged for N180, but today it goes for N465.

Petrol was N80, today it is sold at N165. Today, a cup of garri is N100 against 8 cups for N100 in 2015 .

The cost of living is so high. The number of mentally deranged Nigerians have skyrocketed. Reports notes that five out of every 100 Nigerians today are mad.

Nigeria has the highest number of educated citizens, yet no job. Nigerians sojourn in so many countries to become slaves, all because of frustration .

Today Nigerians are venting their anger on the rich, be it a private, wealthy person or a Government official, they see you as their enemy.

You can't stop a hungry lion from making a humble lamb a prey just as you rarely can't stop a terribly frustrated man from committing Suicide.

It is time to look at the policies that have brought this untold hardship on Nigerians .

United States of American is 3rd largest producer of rice yet they still allow importation of rice.

If you are blocking importation of rice to encourage local production, also block the importation of petroleum products to encourage local production .

The Government talks about social schemes. But have they really placed functional checks to monitor if this really get to the targeted masses?

Most of the funds from these numerous schemes end in the bank accounts of some political and bureaucratic facilitators.

Instead of creating uncountable social schemes that have no proper transparent accountability, create jobs and employ more people .

This Government has some economic policies that do not promote or encourage low income earners, investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The new tax polices are very harsh. You increase workers salaries and increase VAT. That's akin to giving Life Jacket and then increase the river current.

Creating a more hospitable climate for business activities, investment and job creation is key to alleviating poverty and unlocking Nigeria’s economic potentials not necessarily schemes.

There cannot be a prostitute without a randy man by the corner and there cannot be rebellion without frustration .

Nigerian Youth are hungry, blame them no more. The anger you see on the streets stems from the condition of their stomach.

Though few hoodlums have taken over the looting, look into the crowd of those who loot the food from the warehouses, you will certainly see old women who cannot walk well, yet to strive to get food to eat. Can these ones be said to be hoodlums? Certainly, no. They are victims of the weapon of hunger and starvation .

Take a second look at the crowd , you will see children under 10 and handicap. Are they hoodlums? No, they are victims of menacing poverty.

Hoodlums are those who steal television, Air conditioner ,Mobile phones , Refrigerator and then burn down houses and cars .

But the larger majority looting food are victims of hunger and starvation.

President Buhari, it is time for you to stop talking tough. Be fatherly, show some level of humanism to the people of Nigeria .

They are tired of hearing that harsh tone of your trumpet speeches. They want to hear the soft tone of your sax.

Pilate did not order for the killing of Jesus Christ because he was happy to do so but he did it to please the Jews.

You may not like to sound soft because of the formation of your institution, as a military officer. However, because you have accepted to wear Agbada, you must talk with civility .

My president you cannot roar like a lion and expect an hungry man to go to bed with empty Stomach .

Sir, hunger fears no guns but it embraces dead. It is better for an hungry man to die than to continue to starve .That is why the more you roar from Aso Rock , the more the streets are full of looters .

You have ended SARS but you have not ended hunger. You have ended SARS but you have not ended Police Brutality .

A true end to SARS is a good end to hunger. Nigerians elected you with hope that you will be different from PDP Government. If after 6 years you are still complaining about the past, then you have dashed their hopes of better future.

The hope you squandered , anger is the result. They expected jobs from you not temporal wasteful schemes. They expected a land flowing with milk and honey from you. Today, they are in desert in the midst of plenty.

When cows refused to be cowards it therefore means senses have returned to their horns .

Nigerians trusted you with their votes , but you abandoned them for SARS to kill. You left them in the hands of hoodlums to murder.

The number of people that have been killed in Nigeria since you became President has turn the country to a glorified slaughter field .

The violence you see is tears of their innocent blood , the rebellion you are fighting with guns and bullet is their souls possessing the living to avenge their untimely dead .

Rise up and stop the senseless killing in North East and North West. Stop Fulanis from killing in the middle belt .

I smell blood everywhere , the reason of the rebellion, it is as a result of hunger and blood of the innocent. In Southern Kaduna , Leaders are sponsoring killings of Christians, men lives are lesser mortals to cows and if I can remember , you were elected by men not cows .

I see no end to this outcry. If you harden your heart against your people , expect more rebellion. The blood of the innocent are crying to God. The soul of those who died are possessing the living to war against the existence of Nigeria.

And hunger striking the poor is like fuel in their blood. They won't stop till you change their story .

When you gain Government through lies and blackmail, expect REVOLUTION, when your lies fail to materialize into their dreams.

My president, according to World Poverty Clock, Nigeria overtook India as the country with the largest number of extreme poor people, with roughly half the population. Some 87 million people – living on less than $1.90 a day.

You promised to end corruption But corruption remains a problem. Nigeria ranked 144 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s latest Corruption Perceptions Index. Can you tell the masses why ?

Where are three million jobs per year that you promised? Unemployment rate under your administration has risen from 11.8 per cent in 2015 to 27.8 percent under your watch .

You promised to build one of the fastest-growing emerging economies in the world with a real GDP growth averaging 10 per cent annually. My president, the endless wait for this magic has made Nigerian Youth to go mad .

These hoodlums on the street are young people that you have failed . They are organised and ready to take up their destines. They have teamed up. They are formidable, ready to battle the failed leaders and stamp them out of Government. You can only bring them back to sanity with the language that builds their future.

They are no more interested in the messages of hope but in action that will provide for them jobs. They are no more ready to take your insult of calling them lazy youths ,they want to reclaim their fortunes .

They are not ready to continue in hunger ,so they are ready to die in making the whole world to know their woes under you . They are tired of stories, they desire good welfare .

If you look deep into their faces ,their anger writes you a letter of rebellion, the rebellion writes you a letter of rejection ,the rejection writes you a letter of revolution and revolution will clean Nigeria .

It is time to change your tones and speak the language of love to all Nigerians. I can assure you that your love will conquer the hate resonating in their heart.

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