Oyigbo Residents Fleeing

By Odimegwu Onwumere

The Army has resorted to wanton destructions,
and the dead is only thing they want.
Fear has prepared residents to flee, while
unnecessary anger becomes army's logo.
Young men are not tired of running. No one
stands his ground. All hiding behind shadows.
Residents are fleeing just as that part of
brain which kills stress has been killed with turmoils.

Army is not only prepared for fighting, but
are fighting undercover battle. There's conflict.

Lost has become the destination of many,
fright the living now wear as toga.
Army has refused to run to peace: The reason
they are stationed in Oyigbo. But rather wearing
the town to fatigue, weariness being
residents habit. Let Odi Massacre not repeat.
How can an actor who was born to touch
legs on stage now touches legs on grave?
This is the fate of residents fleeing
their abodes their hearts are left behind.
Let the governor discern something
from within. When life is full of running
runners should come back with roses,
not woes and hues. They can't breathe.
Let chasing and fleeing residents
not be the problem-solution.
Oct. 25 2020.