Wike: Before Rivers Faces Lekki's Fate

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Your Excellency, the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Barr Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, greetings.

As you might know, war happens in the absence language, so I am writing this letter to you, to mould your language and make sure it gets to the ears of everyone in order to avert the unnecessary war smelling in Rivers State.

As you might be aware, there have been some recorded damage to lives and property in the state just as some other states have recorded since the #EndSARS protest was seen in the streets across the country some two weeks ago.

It is sad with some reportedly number of civilians and security personnel casualties recorded here and there. May their souls find rest.

Sir, what may happen in Rivers was how eyewitnesses said it was rumoured about Lekki before it was attacked by supposedly soldiers. Rivers State is not immune to attack if appropriate measures are not taken. Your state may not be safe as army is being rumoured of gearing to role out armouries soonest (if not today) to revenge their alleged colleagues who were killed during the ongoing #EndSARS protest in some parts of the state.

As a governor, I know that you love what is in front of you. But soldiers will always love what is behind them. In places like Oyigbo, Mile 3 and co, I hope you know there have been heavy shooting in these areas with lives and property reportedly damaged? This is not good for the state.

In earnest, I plead with you to defend the lives of Rivers residents against whoever that had prepared to devour them. It is not good to kill and destroy people's property. Rivers shouldn't be left to appear weak in these times of trial when you are known as a strong man who can go to any length to defend Truth and especially, what you believe in.

Sir, it is pertinent at this time to learn from The Art of War by Sun Tsu. Bring peace in Rivers State by not fighting. Man can die for many causes but none is worth killing. Rivers is at the verge of experiencing Lekki's fate and collectively, we should not allow this to happen. There could have been provocations here and there but peace remains supreme. Hence, do make sure that Rivers State is safe and the remaining lives and property are intact.

It won't be in your good name for posterity if you don't use your executive power to stop the marauding soldiers. They could have been provoked but they should remember that this is a democracy and not autocracy. They should use their intelligence measures to work and not turning to happy-trigger soldiers they are turning to against residents with sporadic gunshots becoming the unpleasant music we hear in the air.

Sir, I am very sure that this message will touch your heart and the appropriate measures will be put in place to stop soldiers from turning some parts of the state like Oyigbo to a battlefield. Yes, some individuals might have provoked the sanity of the state but not all the residents should be treated as mad people.

Long Live Gov. Wike!
Long Live Rivers State!!!
Long Live Peace in Rivers!!!
Oct. 23 2020.

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