# Endsars: Elite and the masses a struggle within

By Kareem azeez Itunu

Immediately harmless protesters were killed and gun down, in the darkess of the night, there is no exaggeration if we say this political jobbers have no interest of anyone at heart, and much more in the center of excellence, Lagos. It continues to pose the difference between the peoples mandate, and someone chosen to lord over them. No wonder at the wake of the incident, the restless governor emphasis in his speech "Its situation beyond my control" so i ask in who's control, and how did we get here?

Inbetween the 1990s countries like, Nigeria India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, were known for their population, and fast pace in human capacity, some twenty years down the line, a lot has changed in the narration of this different countries, while the route each had taken had greatly derermine its growth and development, some still remain in the self destructive oceans of poverty, an avoidable situation which would have being eshewed if greed and corruption had not overpower the thinking faculties of the said leaders of some of this nations. Nigeria is one of the nation i am refering to, where the flag is no longer white and green in the past few days.

There have being waves of endless protest across the country, peaceful if i must say, but unfortunately, the response to halt this protest by (Political Elites) has being targetted only at the harmless protesters, security operatives countering freedom fighters and citizens who are constitutionally in their right sense to protest. This only buttress the huge difference between the government of today and the people, the connection is indeed far, and it still baffles me how a single person, military or not, have not being arrested for the mayhem that has being happening recently, yet they will tell you, they are protecting the lives and properties of the citizens.

Most political science students will undertsand the Vifredo Paretos analysis between the elites and the masses, the masses who occupies the society and are less organised and will continue to be perpetrated by the well organised elites, who are yet few but owns and disperse the power to control. In our case, the elites are simply the ones who have realise that the masses are now already politically educated and are knowing fully well how much power truly belongs to them, but it will continue to remain in the anals of history that in our country, we do not have leaders, but people who want to use all by their means to protect their crooked means of survival, by looting the assets of the public.

It is a known fact that since the inception of this administarion across the federation, nothing seems to work as compared to previous, lives of the citizens have continued to be no-longer at ease against all false promises made by this current administration some five years ago, Lagos For example, Mr Babajide Sanwolu is only good at managing crisis but less powerful in implementing policies and bringing public officers into accountability, and this is not far fetch as the powers that be would not let anything work, however it is now glaring that sooner rather than later this powers that be will be uprooted and it may end tragically for this so call individuals.

The protest that has now being merred by opolitical thugs, who have being crippled through poverty, by this politicians will not come to end, especially when you consider now that people have died, not one not even twenty, and this are citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria, who continue to wave the flag of their country as they fall into the books of history, but as matyrs of true democracy.

In Nigeria, no one is more Nigerian than the other, which is why any representative of the people who want to be more than the people should be pull to the ground. Many Years ago, Bob Marley had sung, "Get up for your right" and this current century, it is the battle of the frustrated masses against the greedy and crook politicians, here in Nigeria onceagain.

And if for so many years the youths have lay low, this is not because they are fools, but because they are individuals who do not want to wreck havoc for the only place they could call home, and now that this elites, are trying to make our home a hell, then for there to be peace there likely would be war, and by this early signs, the drums of revolution is as close as ever.

Before the death of Anikulapo Kuti, he had said Nigeria is a juxtaposed country, anything is possible, and nothing is ever working, so this are more like prophesies by the activist, and while he has few people to walk the lone walk with him many years ago, the suffering continued, but today Felas' word have now being a total recall. Today The diverisity is not the issue but the unison in coming together was unexpexted, and for that reason, they had revolted. However the elites, they are well aware of the "Art of War" they have mastered the craft on how to hold firmly to what they posses, but for the masses few knows what it takes to erase the foundational faults we have, so which way Nigeria, should it be by force or by false as we are now witnessing.....?

The youths dominated the larger parts of the society, they are the majority, and truly power belongs to them, letting this go down without thorough fight will mean the labor of the heros past has now being in vain, ("The ones killed in cold blood") by the security operatives of rulers who never really know us. And as educated as many of us are, orientation matters alot, since we are practicing democratic system of government, we cannot resolve to violence, we should not resolve to violence, but speak through the ballot boxes.

First we must erase the mantra of our votes doesn't count, it does count, which is why this rulers would pay and do anything for it. This movement should start now, it is a process that is achievable in the next election. And i therefore urge my fellow brothers and sisters that if truly we want to prove that this cointry belongs to all of us, and not some few numbers of people now definitely is the time.

The power of the youth is ten thousand times more than the people in power, we can wipe them all out, in a twinkle of mobocracy, but the aftermath would not be palatable, therefore changing the narratives is ours and easy to make. Accountability is all that matters, and with this fire Nigeria shall be great again.

2023 is around the corner, soon they will forget, but we will not forget, soon they will pay lip service to few developments, but we will not be decieved, soon they will try to implement few ideas, but our ideas remain let every day remain in our hearts and when after this four years are gone, let us struck in unison, there is no long a time to fight for what is right.

Until then, even this hoodlums used by this politicians need to be educated, if the battle must start in Lagos, then it is an end to Godfatherism as well.

May the blood of those gone not be in vain.
Kareem Itunu Azeez is the Local Cordinator for the Student for liberty, West Africa President, Association for Campus Journalist, Lagos State University.

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