The Butcher of Daura

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

The Butcher of Daura.
The Gory Butcher of Daura has had his fix of blood.

Simply put, Buhari the Butcher of Daura has to go.
Nigerians should lobby the international community to impose heavy sanctions on Buhari, the top brass of the Nigerian military and Buhari's fawning aides and acolytes.

Seize their assets wherever they may be found.
Impose travel bans on their families.
Issue international warrants for their arrests as was done for Charles Taylor.

Let these wanton criminals face the Hague Tribunal for their version of the Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity.

The killings in Nigeria since she was blighted by this accursed criminal's rise to power are unfathomable.

This demoniac feasts and sustains himself on blood.

He is not worthy to be counted among civilized human beings.

He belongs to the gallows with a noose around his neck in recompense for the unquantifiable gallons of innocent Nigerian blood shed at his express request and demand.

There is nothing positive about his personality.
Barely able to speak or express himself coherently, he compensates for this defect with Count Dracula's appetite for human blood.

He lacks the ability to direct his own personal affairs, not to talk of that of a nation.

If in doubt ask him to produce his first school leaving certificate.

That such a bloody scoundrel was able to rise to the highest echelon of leadership in Nigeria says much about the level of dysfunctionality in Nigeria.

It is better for one man to go, than for a whole nation to perish.

Nigeria is perishing under Buhari, the Human Butcher.

Buhari the Gory Butcher of Daura must go to The Hague Tribunal to be locked up in a cage alongside Charles Taylor.

The world is better, rid of his blood-thirsty presence.

Lock him up and smash the keys as a humanitarian gesture.

Beside his irredeemable thirst for human blood, the other thirst the Butcher of Daura has is a thirst for other ethnicities' lands.

Woe betide any State Governor or elected representative who out of fright, or greed or bkackmail, signs away the ancestral lands of their people to satisfy his land-thirst.

May all the souls of Nigerians who have perished as a result of Buhari's dual thirst for blood and land rest in peace.

May the Gory Butcher of Daura never know peace himself.

May he be harrassed, harrangued, haunted and hunted by all the innocent blood he has shed in his accursed lifetime.

Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.