Find Jobs for Nigerian Youths not their Ancestral Lands for Fulani

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE
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I hope by now, President Muhammadu Buhari’s army of paid propagandists are realizing that there are limits to propaganda.

The ongoing uprising of Nigeria’s youths on the streets is a real-time referendum of the abysmal and catastrophic failure of the Buhari Administration.

The bottom line is that for almost six years in power, President Buhari was not governing Nigeria.

He was to put it bluntly, milking Nigeria on behalf of the Fulani.

Here is a man who declared in a foreign capital that Nigeria’s youths are jobless.

In saying that he was speaking the truth, quite frankly.

But then what did he do about it as the elected President of Nigeria?

Instead he spent part of his time and tenure, appointing his ethnic Fulani to the choicest of positions without merit.

The most substantial part of his tenure and attention was reserved for trying to create permanent settlements for non-Nigerian Fulani in other ethnicities ancestral lands.

Scheme upon scheme was put in place to implant foreign Fulani all over Nigeria.

Why foreign Fulani one may ask?
At about 15 million, Nigerian Fulani do not have the population to control and dominate the settlements Buhari desperately planned to bequeath to them across Nigeria.

So he had to make recourse to nomadic ethnic Fulani across Africa.

Suddenly Nigeria became the permanent homeland of all Fulani.

The northern borders were flung open and hardened Fulani, armed with the choicest of weapons, many from the Nigerian military armory, came flooding in to terrorize and uproot indigenous Nigerians.

When Nigerians cried out, President Buhari advised them to accommodate the Fulani invaders.

Now it is our turn to advise President Buhari to accommodate the Nigerian youths protesting police brutality, but who if all truth be told are actually protesting their joblessness.

Since President Buhari and his government could not create good paying jobs for Nigerian youths, they have no rights to force them off the streets.

These youths are our future.
We must listen to their cries and assuage them.
It will be a very big mistake for Buhari to crush the youths uprising with Nigeria’s Army, who under the bloody army chief General Burutai are well acknowledged part-time terrorists.

Apart from risking his position to the ambitious General Burutai, any use of the Army is a risky venture to begin with.

How do you know that the disgruntled troops will not turn their tanks on the regime itself?

Using the Army to resolve a democratic challenge by Nigerian youths is a rank admission of the failure and illegitimacy of this Administration.

The way out of the debacle is for Buhari to create jobs for Nigerian youths, even if he has to borrow to do it.

Borrow and build the Lagos-Warri-Port Harcourt-Calabar rail line as well as the Calabar-Uyo-Aba-Owerri-Onitsha-Benin City-Lagos rail lines.

Permanently cease and desist from trying to annex other ethnicities lands for the resettlement of the Fulani.

Adopt private ranching and empower the jobless Nigerian youths to procure feedstock for cattle in the private ranches.

Embrace merit in the filling of all positions.
And then watch, peace, progress and prosperity return to Nigeria.

Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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