End SARS Protest: We Warned About a Pending Revolution

By solomon akobe

In a co-authored article titled, "Nigeria at 60: What a Country!", published by The Nigeria Lawyer.com and BarristerNg.com., Joshua Enemali, Esq., and my humble self (S.O. Akobe, Esq.) sounded prophetically in the last paragraph of the said article when we stated as follows:

"Finally, as Nigeria clocks 60 on the 1st of October, 2020, we implore the Nigerian Government to take cautious steps to alleviate the sufferings and pains of the Nigerian people. This is not the change they desired for. It is obvious that the current state of things in the Country are very provocative and therefore, capable or having the propensity of stiring the people into unimmaginable action and/or movement. The greatest political mistake any leader could make is to think that he can continue to exercise power and authority over his disgruntled subjects who are already running out of patience. It will surely get to a point when it will become to them a-do-or-die affair, and at that point in time, no degree of intimidation, suppression and/or assault by security agencies including the military, will be able to curtail the people’s resolve for a new order by way of revolution. If it once happened in Lybia, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Mali, to mention but a few, then, it can also happen in Nigeria. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine!"

Barely less than two weeks when they above article was published, the dreaded End SARS Protest surfaced and has now spread across the entire nation. The youths are the vanguads champions of this new movement and agitation. They have defied all security resistance, intimidation, threats and even deaths and have held on to their agitation: End SARS, End Police Brutality.

Funny enough, some miscreants who think they are above God themselves, have been calling for military intervention by use of force to suppress the rising protest. I see such people as the true enemies of the Nigerian State. This is because anyone who truly loves Nigeria would know that any form of military intervention in the current protest would lead to a more massive protest which would herald the revolution we have all waited for.

One message is clear from the current protest: the Nigerian people are highly disgruntled and unless something urgent is done about it, the same revolution we warned about is inevitable.

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