#EndSARS: Protesters extend demands, want overhaul of govt

By The Nigerian Voice

The Nigerian youths on the streets since last week calling for reforms of the police with #EndSARS campaign, have now expanded their 5-point demand to seven points.

According to a report on The Citizen platform, the struggle is no longer about just scrapping SARS.

“They are now agitating for an overhaul of the dysfunctional governance that has killed their dreams and made Nigeria mired in poverty.

So, the hashtag has changed to #ReconstructNigeria and #7for7.”, the report added.

The youths are demanding institutional reforms, reduction in cost of governance, emergency declarations in the health and education sectors and youth affair reforms.

Nigeria has been plagued by huge development gap, due mainly to bad leadership.

The result is there is a huge population of the poor, the unemployed and underemployed and infrastructure had remained in a very bad shape.