One Nigeria for Non-Nigerian Fulani?

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

Things are moving at warp speed with regards to Nigeria’s South/Middle Belt versus Far-North dichotomy.

The core Northern Governors have come out very strongly in favor of the continued existence of the much derided Special Anti-Robbery Squad a.k.a. SARS.

Forget the middle-belt governors in their midst, most are either ethnic Fulani or coerced Fulani-centric governors, and I am trying very hard to be polite here.

Northern youths have also launched their #EndInsecurityNow agitation as a counter-movement to the Southern and Middle Belt led #EndSARS campaign.

Boiling it down to its most essential and substantial residue, Southern Nigeria and the Middle-Belt want less policing and especially the abolition of SARS, President Muhammadu Buhari's essential constabulary.

The Buhari Administration succumbed to the #EndSARS agitation by disbanding SARS, but they immediately named a successor organization, with the official appellation, Special Weapons and Tactics team a.k.a. SWAT.

Not surprisingly the agitating Southern and Middle Belt youths are unassuaged.

Yet they suffered a self-inflicted strategic wound by fighting a symptom rather than the root cause of the malaise currently splitting Nigeria.

Put it like this.
Let us say you suffer from hypertension one of whose symptoms is splitting headache, and you resort to taking pain-killers.

Okay the pain subsides. But after that what next?
The non-contemplative Southern and Middle Belt youths agitated on the banner of #EndSARS.

The Buhari Administration reluctantly heeded their call and abolished SARS.

A neutral observer could very well argue with some merit that having met the youths core demand as reflected in their #EndSARS.appellation, any agitation made beyond this point with the same banner, is pure phishing and shifting of goal-posts after conceding an own goal.

That is as far as it goes for the southern cum middle belt Nigeria side of the growing schism.

For the core Northern Nigeria side on the other hand their demands on the Buhari Administration are radically different.

They want more robust policing, to crush the irate, unemployable non-Nigerian Fulani bandits currently terrorizing them.

However, President Buhari rather diabolically wants the inverse situation.

Buhari seemingly wants brutal policing of relatively affluent Southerners and Middle-Belters going about their daily businesses, on mere suspicions of being con-men, con-women or internet fraudsters.

But he stubbornly refuses to deploy his militarized Police to crush the Fulani herdsmen strutting around southern and middle-belt Nigeria with sophisticated weapons and committing all sorts of murderous havoc.

He is as well, almost nonchalant about rounding up and de-activating the non-Nigerian Fulani bandits-terrorists, indiscriminately slaughtering Nigerians especially in northern Nigeria.

Why you may ask?
We will get to that in a minute.
Suffice it to say that from South to North, nobody supports Buhari's leadership style, although for different reasons of course.

Why does Buhari want more brutal policing in the South of Nigeria and not in the North, where there is a high demand for more policing?

It all boils down to his expansionist policy.
He cannot crush the foreign, stateless Fulani bandit-terrorists terrorizing Northern Nigeria, because he knows how, why, when and for what purpose they were invited into Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the stateless, frustrated non-Nigerian Fulani bandits are irately terrorizing the wrong region i.e. Northern Nigeria, because they are yet to be granted their Promised Land in the earmarked regions.

You can guess the geographical location of their Promised Land.

Looking at it from an expansionist viewpoint, how can you deal with people who refuse to share their ancestral lands with non-Nigerian Fulani?

To deal with intransigent, uncompromising Southerners and Middle Belters, you must apply maximum pressure on their rising elites to subdue them and bring them down to their knees.

What better way to do this than by using a militarized constabulary, designed to terrorize people into submission, while adorning the official toga of law-enforcement?

Basically due to his expansionist mindset, President Buhari will never satisfy the southern youths and middle belt youths by not deploying a militarized constabulary to perpetually harass them.

Neither can he for now satisfy the Northern youths, because the non-Nigerian Fulani bandits terrorizing the North were invited into Nigeria for an expansionist purpose.

It is unlikely that President Buhari will do anything to meet the northern youths demand to #EndInsecurityNow, except and unless he somehow manages to intimidate Southern governors, into perpetually ceding their state territories so that peace may reign.

The core North may only enjoy a respite when and if President Buhari successfully annexes the coveted territories and creates new Fulani emirates in Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria for non-Nigerian Fulani.

It is interesting as a side-note to observe that while the streets of Nigeria are burning for different reasons, President Buhari was busy hosting the Presidents of Senegal and Guinea Bissau to a ‘private dinner’.

The President of Senegal, Macky Sall is ethnic Fulani paternally, just like Muhammadu Buhari is. The President of Guinea-Bissau Umaro Sissoco Embalo is also Fulani.

If this presidential Fulani breaking of bread is a coincidence, then what a coincidence?

In case you don't know, Nigerian Fulani already secured a homeland in northern Nigeria.

What is at stake now for Fulani expansionists is securing a homeland for non-Nigerian Fulani in southern and middle-belt Nigeria.

In order to bring this about, how stupid and how low are Southern and Middle Belt Nigerians willing to sink in the fraudulent name of 'One Nigeria for Non-Nigerian Fulani?'.

We wait and watch.
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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