Expansionist Freeloaders

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

In my years of existence on earth, I have seen quite a few things. But I have never seen anything that matches the desperation and obsession of Fulani expansionists to implant themselves as indigenes of all the States in Nigeria.

I say without a shadow of doubt that if the Muhammadu Buhari Administration had invested as much energy in addressing Nigeria’s economy as they have wasted in trying to create permanent Fulani settlements across Nigeria, Nigeria would not be the world capital of poverty it is today.

I have lost count of the number of hare-brained schemes the Buhari Administration has concocted in its desperation to create permanent Fulani settlements across Nigeria.

From grazing reserves, to cattle colonies, to RUGA and now back full circle to grazing routes, it has been a crescendo of diabolical schemes, each surpassing its predecessor in sheer stupidity and greed.

That President Buhari has been a colossal disaster and utter disgrace to leadership in Nigeria is beyond dispute. So much so that some Nigerians daily mark-off on their calendars, the number of days left for his frightful administration.

So fearful are his core Fulani supporters of the future that awaits them post-Buhari that there is now serious talk among the Fulani to bring former President Goodluck Jonathan back as President.

This was a man utterly demonized by the Fulani especially and other Nigerians generally, this writer inclusive, as a failed President back in 2015.

It is a testimony to the scale and magnitude of Buhari’s failure as President, that very many Nigerians including the Fulani, Buhari’s ethnic group, now look back wistfully at the abject Goodluck Jonathan Presidency, as a model of leadership.

Despite this, President Muhammadu Buhari does not give a hoot about peoples’ perception of his tenure. Together with his immediate family and the larger free-loading Fulani caucus, he enjoys the considerable trappings of power afforded by the Nigerian Presidency where he still has two years and eight months to go.

Freeloaders are people who consume what others have produced without giving anything commensurate in return. In reviewing Buhari’s presidential stewardship, it is very difficult to point to any concrete contribution his administration has made to Nigeria besides nepotism, violence, bloodshed, propaganda, disunity and Fulani expansionism.

The latter of course is his pet project. Buhari has taken it upon his shoulders as a life ambition, to create a homeland in Nigeria for the Fulani, Africa’s largest wandering, stateless ethnicity.

To achieve this goal, his strategic thrust is to culturally strangulate, physically terrorize, economically pauperize, and politically emasculate, indigenous Nigerians.

Thankfully many Nigerians are coming to realize, albeit belatedly that Buhari is a man with an unholy, diabolical, ethnic agenda.

Blinded by partisan loyalties and affiliations to either Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) or former President Jonathan’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which truth be told, are two of a kind, many Nigerians failed to realize that Buhari harbors a diabolical ethnic supremacy agenda tucked away in his bosom.

Once upon a time, Buhari’s non-Fulani APC sympathizers were willing to swear that he is an oasis of integrity in the moral desert that is Nigeria.

The facts of Buhari’s track record do not in any way support that supposition. To the contrary, his post-electoral actions clearly reveal a man steeped in the dark arts of mass-deception. The last time I checked, deception and integrity are neither synonymous nor coterminous.

Buhari campaigned as an APC apostle of change, but he governs like a Fulani expansionist of non-Nigerian origin. Not once on the campaign trail as APC candidate, did Buhari tell the Nigerian electorate that his major administrative focus would be the annexation of their ancestral lands for the benefit of both Nigerian and non-Nigerian Fulani.

But that is exactly what he has attempted and still strives to achieve with the power Nigerians of different ethnicities supposedly entrusted to him. To put it mildly, Nigerians were scammed by Buhari’s duplicity.

You may fool some of the people, some of the time. You cannot fool all of the people, all of the time. Nigerians are waking up from their slumber and have serially rejected all of Buhari’s expansionist schemes to date. I salute Nigerians for this achievement. But the battle is not over, because diabolism never goes on recess.

Nigerians should reject Buhari’s latest scheme of resurrecting so-called old grazing routes. Nigerian traders rent shops for trading. Nigerian farmers lease lands across the country for farming. Violent Fulani freeloaders should rent or lease lands for ranching because as a factor of production, land is not free anywhere on earth.

The fundamental problem of Fulani expansionists is that they want everything to drop freely into their laps and are ready to kill others if this is not the case. They don’t respect merit. They don’t cherish hard work, They neither respect the rights of non-Fulani to exist nor do they recognize the sanctity of non-Fulani lives.

It is my advice that the confused and desperate expansionist Fulani freeloaders should use the billions their minions have stolen and looted from the Nigerian treasury to lease lands for ranching.

Nigerians recently heaved a collective sigh of relief when news filtered out that Buhari’s diabolical Waterways Bill has been trashed at the National Assembly. But here we go again. Within one week Buhari has conjured a new plot to “recover old grazing lands”.

I never knew that Buhari could be as efficient as this. Freeloaders are very efficient in prosecuting their selfish interests but completely nonchalant about pursuing the collective good,

But you only recover what is originally yours. Who gave the so-called lost grazing lands to the Fulani herdsmen? The British colonialists? If so, are Fulani expansionists the successor colonialists to the departed British?

I am not given to curses. But let me say this. Woe betide any Southern or Middle Belt Governor that cedes the ancestral lands of indigenous peoples of his State for the resettlement of vicious, mean-spirited, violent Fulani terrorists of unknown origin.

The Buhari Administration have not asked Nigerian State Governors to provide land corridors in their respective states for the construction of railways that will benefit all Nigerians especially the respective state indigenes.

Here they are asking for grazing routes that will sooner rather than later, devolve into settlements for Fulani terrorists pouring into Nigeria from all corners of Africa.

Before long and before you know it, Fulani Emirs will sprout all over Nigeria, rubbing shoulders with indigenous traditional rulers. Fulani residing in annexed territories would start claiming indigene status, becoming indigenous State Governors, rewriting history, and oppressing their native hosts.

Nigerians now is the time to warn your State Governors never to cede an inch of your lands for Buhari's latest expansionist scheme. Nigerians, rise up and protect your indigenous sovereignty over your ancestral lands.

President Buhari denied you good leadership. He denied your leaders political appointments. He denied your children jobs. He denied your areas infrastructural projects such as the railway that he selfishly rerouted to serve Niger Republic.

Nigerians you owe it a duty to yourselves and your children’s childred to deny President Buhari your lands for his unending diabolical, expansionist, land annexation schemes.

Not just because that is the right thing to do since land is not free anywhere in the world, but also, because land ceded under any guise to expansionist Fulani freeloaders can never be recovered without tremendous bloodshed in the very near future.

And that is the unblemished truth.
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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