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NAME: Faithia Akorede Adunni Balogun ADDRESS: Ikorodu, Lagos State.
DATE OF BIRTH: February 5, 1969.
MARITAL STATUS: Married with children.
STATE OF ORIGIN: Ukpara Water Side LGA, Delta State.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Urhobo, English, Yoruba and Pigeon English.
Olufunmila Nursery School, Ikeja, Lagos State.
Maryland Primary School, Maryland, Lagos State.
Maryland Comprehensive High School, Lagos.
Kwara State Polythechnic, Kwara State

Tell us a little about your childhood, growing up, parents, brothers and sisters?

1. I was born into a polygamous home and a family of nine (9). I family was very much middle class with a fair balance in my parents wealth. I had a Catholic background and grew up in Ikeja where I did a lot of my early education.
Parents: Mr & Mrs Williams
Brothers: Ken Williams, Anderson Williams, Charles Williams
Sisters: Joseline Williams, Stella Willams.

What was the first paying job ever that you had?

General receptionist at Chips Bit & Bit, a Computer Company on Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

How much were you paid per month and what were the responsibilities?


What other jobs did you do outside Acting?


What made you go into the Acting career and when did you start Acting?

I don't know whether to call it faith or coincidence! Alhaji Fatai Teniola introduced me into the Industry by casting me. It all started in the early 90's.

Who were your Idols/Models (Actors) in those days?

There are lots of them, some of which I have been opportune to work with.

What was your first role in Theatre, TV or Movies?

“A Secretary” in a Movie “ta lo pa Chief”

What was your major break-through role and in what film, series or play?

I thank God for every movie I have starred, I can't say which are precisely.

What were the constraints you had to face and overcome as an up-and-coming Actor (young actor)?

The task of growing up (experience-wise) and handling the fame of becoming a recognisable star were some of the hurdles I had to cross back then. In spite of all I am still standing and I thank the Almighty God.

How many films have you been involved with as an Actor to date?

Quite a bit: Owo wunmi
Omo britiko
Omo ose paro
IOfe (Love)
Afi Suru
Ori to mention a few.

As a DYNAMIC, OUTSTANDING, 'A'-List Actor, how have you managed to adapt to the different range of roles you have played in your career?

I am familiar with the system and anything that comes across, I take it up as a challenge and do it. I believe that is what you will call 'taking it in your stride'.

What is the most awkward or strangest role you have had to take/play in your career and why?

I don't think I have had any irritating role, because every role is meant to show exactly how it happens in the real world and positively influence the viewers. We are just acting.

What film have you been most proud to be involved with so far, and why?

In a Nation wide Television Programme "Super Story - face of deceit”. Because I had to play the role of an aged woman (42 years precisely) and you know what, it was very interesting. I had a great time.

As an 'A'-List Actor yourself, what other 'A'-List Actors or Actresses have worked or collaborated with?

Yinka Quadri, Saidi Balogun, Jide Kosoko, Adebayo Salami, Sola Sobowale, Peju Ogunmola, Ronke Oshodi Oke, Moji Olaiya, Remi Oshodi et.c.

Did you at anytime want to quit your Acting career for something else or for a reason, and why (if any)?


What is the motivation for you or what keeps you interested in this career every morning you wake up?

I think I just love the job I do because any time I am on set, I am always very happy.

How important are our Nigerian roots, morals, values, knowledge and sense of wisdom to you and your works?

Its importance cannot be stressed enough. I strongly believe this is what gives our Nigerian films the edge over most other industries at the moment. This niche is extremely important for our viewers who are at home and abroad, to inculcate, remind and record our ways and values.

On the stories, scripts, or screen play of your films, and its impact on the Nigerian/African cultural values (home and abroad), how do you manage to harness, keep and pass them across in your films?

A well thought-out script, with proper revision where and when necessary is a key. Furthermore, we live the life and still have knowledgeable people (elders) within our communities, and sometimes borrow this wisdom to keep us a step ahead.

What projects are you working on at the moment and with whom?

A film titled "Afi Suru" by Olasco Films International

Where do you see yourself in this career in the next five years?

In an elevated stage more than what God had done now.

Where do you see the Nigerian movies industry in the next couple of years?

I see us competing with other top movie making continents, countries and industries.

When you are not working (Acting, producing, directing or making a film), what do you do or how do you pass the time?

I relax by way of sleeping, watch films and rehearse scripts I have written or that I am contracted to do.

What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite musician?

High life and Juju – King Sunny Ade
Jazzy blues

Is there an International Actor (American, British, Australian, African, etc.) you will want to work with if the opportunity presented itself?

Sharon stone
Whoopi Goldberg.

What other messages do you have for your international fans in America, United kingdom, Europe, Africa and its Diaspora?

I request for more prayers from them. They should also bear in mind, I am privileged to be in a position to entertain them, and without them and God, I am nobody.

For any reason at all, how would you personally want your fans to remember you?

I will like to be remembered by my good works. I am giving my best to them at all time

Barring any work or previous appointments, if we invited you to America, UK or anywhere else to meet your fans, will you be available to meet them?

Definitely yes, I am there for them; anytime, any day, and anywhere