I Am A Drop

By Idris KatibĀ 
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What can I say?
What do I know?
Only a drop
A drop of an ocean
You're all the ocean
If I read voraciously, I pay homage to Oluga Master

If I am curious for more, I give it to Braimoh
If I bring the world to my table,I doff my hat for Mother Ajayi

If I ever learnt rudiments of the Language, I salute Odumosu Commissioner

If I now write speeches for the Noble,I praise GM Sulaimon

If I was groomed from sports underdog,kudos to Sofoluwe, the Sports master

I was only a lackey
From the slum of Ojuwoye Market
I raised my head
I raised my hope
I crossed the railway line
To joined your esteemed team
At Angus Memorial High School, Igbobi
My Alma mater, you are great
My AMOSA '91,you are greatest
What do I know
Without sipping from your ocean?
I am a drop
Only a drop
So negligible
God bless Okuboyejo
God bless AMOSA '91
God bless AMHOSA general
You're great OCEANS.
*Ode to Angus Memorial High School,Igbobi, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria