What Sells An Advertising Copy?

By Idris Katib
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Idris Katib

Imagine you are fasting. And an advertisement pops up on your digital device. In a click, a bottle of a brand of soft drink rears its head. CHHIIIIILED! INVITIIINNG!

Then in the advertisement, somebody, salivating, opens the "mortuary" cold bottle while a gas spiral out of the bottle, straight to the sky. Then he gulps down his throat......ghrouwn...ghrouwn...ghrouwn!

How do you feel?
This is one of the effects a good advertising copy has on us.In this era of digital technology, you are besieged by an avalanche of advertisements on your digital phone by the minutes.

Right from the home page of your phone, to your social media platforms, websites, mailboxes, blogs and YouTube, you are exposed to hundreds of unsolicited advertisements daily. Oftentimes, you see customized SMSes, bulk SMSes you did not bargain to receive on your phone or other digital devices.

The intention of advertisers and copywriters whose target you are for these advertisements is one: to sell you an a idea, to market their products or goods or services to YOU. And when these digital advertisements compete for your attention, why do you select to see some and ignore others?

This leads us to an important term in marketing communication--USP. Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a concept used to identity the unique strength of a brand or product. It must reflect in the copy of an advertisement. What does MTN have that other telecoms do not have? What makes Toyota unique ahead of other brand?

An advertising copy is the real content, message, script of an advertisement. It follows that a good advertising copy is used to sell a product , brand or idea.

The prospect of your advertising message must be given a reason to buy your product or service. Enters PERSUASION!The language. The appeal.

In essence, the copywriter must be able to highlight the Unique Selling Point (USP) of that product or brand.

What is unique about this brand?Why must they buy? The copy should be able to proffer answer.

To achieve this, your copy (script) must possess features of this acronym:

A for Attention
I for Interest
D for Desire
C for Conviction
A for Action
A good copywriter should activate his WORDS to grab prospects' attention within 60 seconds. They should make it happen in headline, graphics and audiovisuals of the copy.

The copy should sustain the interest in the body of the script. Then appeal to their psychology, emotions. This leads to COVINCTION and eventual ACTION when the acual sales happen.

And this is the purpose for which a copy is packaged by the copywriter.

Katib, a PR and Advertising scholar, works with Crescent University, Abeokuta, Nigeria and can be reached at [email protected]/+2348096629914