Nigerians Call On Government To Punish Defiants Of Guideline Rules To Check The Spread Of Covid-19  In The Country.

Source: Joseph B.Oduntan

NIGERIAN National Center For Disease Control(NCDC) daily report upsurge in the spread of the pandemic corona virus disease in the country is raising a serious concern for federal and state government in country.

As of Wednesday 29th July, 2020, NCDC daily test results indicated that since 27th February, 2020 when the disease was first reported in Nigeria, of the 41,804 cases reported, 18,764 infected people were treated and discharged, while a total of about 868 people have died as a result of the disease in the country.

NCDC's recent report revealed that the pandemic corona virus disease has spread to 35 states in the country including the federal capital Abuja.

Based on the advice of state covid-19 control committee and federal government presidential task force to check the spread of the disease in the country, federal and state intra and inter state lock down order has been eased in the country to improve economic activity of the people and with federal government opening up of secondary schools in the country for final year students to resume on 4th August,2020 to enable them prepare for the forthcomiing senior secondary certificate examination, stakeholders in education in states across the country are meeting to faction out guidelines to protect the students against contacting the corona virus disease in their various schools in the country.

Having successfully checked the spread of corona virus disease in the country through proper measures put in place by states and federal government, the community spread of the disease presently observed in the country is associated with non compliance of the people with WHO, NCDC, State and Federal government guideline rules for the prevention and spread of the disease in Nigeria

The general public commend state and federal government on prompt measures taken to curb the spread of the disease in the country.

Analysts however said with the gradual general opening up of the country for normal economic activities to resume, federal government must not impose any lockdown again as the country's education, businesses, etc have suffered great set back in the last four months of the disease oubreak in the country.

The people want Churches, Mosques, Schools, Institutions and Organisations in the country to make it mandatory for their members or staff to obey NCDC and government laid down guidelines against infection and spread of covid-19 amongst people in communities all around states in Nigeria.

Government at state and fedearl level they say must as a matter of urgency put in place laws to severely punish individual or corporate bodies who violate government rules or orders made to check the spread of the deadly disease in the country.

In Nigeria, the level of community infection is high because asymtomatic and sytomatic people fail to present themselves for testing, quarantine and isolation to enhance treatment and cure. These set of people still mix with the uninfected healthy people to perform normal daily economic activity there by increasing the spread the disease.

Recent world statistics of the pandemic corona virus disease spread reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that 16,899,588 )million people in about 188 countries with about 663,540 deaths have been reported globally on the deadly disease. As affected countries increase, support for testing kits and other medical facilities for treatment are needed to reduce mortality and check the global pandemic spread of the disease.

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