Beyond Oil: Niger Delta Dc Save Fishermen & Farmers 

By Farouk Martins Aresa 

Have you heard the latest jokes about Nigeria?
No O, but I know they loot in billions! The Country is a big joke all over the world. From fantastically corrupt labels by the British to disappearing projects by the Kenyans. It's your choice, pick any country. The latest ones are from Nigerians themselves about Niger Delta Development Commission.

(NDDC) Niger Delta Development Commission: The clearing house for special allocation of funds to develop and clean Environmental disaster in the polluted areas. There are some communities in African countries that share the joy and the disappointment as producers of oil, so called black gold. It has turned into nightmares. Though we have very little preservation and development in these communities, each African country embezzled the income, changed most into foreign currencies for laundering abroad.

Many organizations from those that called themselves Militants, Activists, Nonprofits to political leaders have usurped their dire cause to become international millionaires, billionaires and gained positions at the expense of fishermen and farmers that never see improvement made to their polluted environment. Actually, many of the farmers succumbed to environmental diseases similar to those of illegal and legal mining of gold, diamond and uranium.

Regardless of which nationality and ethnic groups they are, these communities need an organization where they can brainstorm about the solutions to the degradation of their land and water that make it impossible to farm and fish. The oil income from these areas, set aside for noble deeds, is the reason NDDC was formed in Nigeria.

One would expect that countries like Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and others would learn from the present probe and jokes about NDDC in Nigeria. Unfortunately, what turned into development and wealth in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and other countries actually turned into the curse of oil that has created wars from Nigeria to Sudan. While no country is free of corruption, it does not have to be the most notable markers of African leaders and businessmen.

Greed, aggrandizement and selfishness at the risk of being incarcerated and destroyed for money laundering has gone beyond mental conditioning and masturbation of experimental mice in a pen into total madness. It is slavery of Africans by Africans again.

Though African children are not supposed to question their parents, some children with conscience must come out crying that their friends are blaming them for poverty, Afrophobia and ethnic hatred in Africa even when they are well fed and have escaped with looted funds and talents overseas as privileged class. No Country, like those pointing fingers from Kenya, South Africa to little Cape Verde should be comfortable. We all have these parasites within us.

Do not wait for the jokes, they are not funny anymore. We popped our popcorn, guguru and epa during OBJ/Atiku Show. Yet, OBJ wanted a third term. Atiku came back as a Presidential candidate. Hardly have we recovered from the "smiling and suffering" when we witnessed the Dansuki Show, the great Santa Claus. So, friends from other African countries wanted to know how many billions and billionaires exist in Nigeria.

Trainings are developing at the comedy houses on how to faint when called upon to account for billions looted. Some have faked cancer, heart attack, hypertension etc. as if the poor do not develop any of these or only embezzlers could. Competition is on for the most creative faker. These are the same people that run to the best hospitals around the world for medical check-ups until the visas stop to take care of their own.

Suddenly, it is no longer tenable to claim: it is our money, our oil and our sons. It might be too late to realize that these looters did not buy another country in Europe and America to move into but only donated the loot into their pockets to finance outrageous lifestyles for their families while leaving the farmers and fishermen in pitiful situations. These are cold blooded murderers killing their countries slowly!

Some Nigerians are waiting for their turns to loot, some are bailing out while foreigners could not think of a better place to make money as long as they can hold their nose for a short-term, as foreign partners. Meanwhile, China, International Monetary

Funds and the World Bank come to lend against generations of unborn children using the Country as collateral to pay inflated emolument. There must be a better way to demonstrate your love for your people and country.

Recently, African Governments have suddenly woken up to realize there are illegal oil tankers, mining of gold, diamond, uranium and other precious metals going on in their backyards operated with the full cooperation of Vagabond in Power but without official Government approval. Come on now, who gave them permission to load the oil tankers glaringly, to take land from owners and recklessly destroy their normal way of life and their livelihoods?

Indeed, Oil income has generated animosity between close neighborhoods, animosities and wars within the countries. The civil wars usually start from corruption, easily covered up by Xenophobia.

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