Oche Hyacinth, Agatu East Needs Peace And Not Provocative Write Up

By Ogwola Adah Gabriel

Kindly permit me the esteem readers to use the word of the late Gen. Mamman Vatsa, one of the great orators in this country, especially within the revered Nigerian Army. The late General once said and I quote: ''when you affront yourself; soon others would join in the insult.'' This implies that you should not wash your dirty linings in public, because if you do it is tantamount to public ridicule as a ‘man with a rotten teeth must chew with caution.

Due to sagacious and grandiose of ignorant and lack of education and exposure, the so called Oche Hyacinth has told the world and that of his cohorts how good they are in preaching and breeding hatred and engaging hate speech. They should understand that our dear nation and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria frown that.

The entire Agbaduma is calling on the relevant security agencies to go after him; have him put behind bars for further questioning and investigation because of his inciting write-ups is already causing disunity among the good people and the verbal attacks on His Excellency, the Executive governor of Benue State Mr. Samuel Ortom for giving industrious Agbaduma sons and daughters who are worthy in all ramifications for political appointments his administration.

It beats the imaginations of many how one bites the fingers that feeds him for many years. It appears here that the self-acclaimed Comrade Oche Hyacinth is ‘an ingrate’ with infantile allegation of smelly fungus manner is enough to say that his types are they creating unrest in Agatu East.

This Oche Hyacinth through his uncut razor-sharp statement has bitten more than he can chew. Hence, the need to put things in its proper perspective. His misleading claims should be ignored in its entirety for lacking any iota of substance. It is baseless and uncalled for and for those who know should advise him for the sake of national security not to beat the tom-tom drums of war as the crisis in Agatu between Fulani Herders and farmers and now communal killings are already handfuls. He should not by his devilish actions and intentions over heat already fragile or in tensed Agatu and Benue in general.

To put the records straight the genesis of Agatu crisis has NEVER been linked to Agbaduma not at all. In fact, far from it. So why someone of one Oche Hyacinth who should be grateful would accuse his benefactors of heinous act capable of causing panics and troubles among people as normalcy is gradually returning to Agatu East that is in dire need of permanent peace and solution?

More so, Oche Hyacinth has nothing to offer politically so, he should stop chasing shadows. His perilous write up is a mere lamentation of his wildest imagination and that of his instigators in Abuja, Makurdi and Otukpo. Politics is a game of number and the majority carries the day. Excellent liaising, synergizing, lobbying and having good rapports politically with others is what the great and good people of Agbaduma clan have been engaged in over the years of political journey in Agatu. So why this cocktail of lies in order to garner undeserved attention at time like this?

Another minus for Oche Hyacinth again is that was brought up in Okokolo the Ancestral home of the Agbaduma worldwide also trained and possibly educated at the great Okokolo, ‘show me your friends and I will tell who you are instead of showing gratitude and remain grateful forever; he has chosen to starve the loving people of Agbaduma behind an ingrate indeed.

The precarious story claimed that he is a vibrant young man known for his sagacious and humanitarian mindedness, was brought up in Okokolo by his late maternal grandfather Audu Epeh’’. He dived into politics as far back as 1998. Because of his ability to mobilize people in numbers to deliver in different political assignments given to him, his talking vocabularies, his prolific writing capacity, made him to be loved by top politicians across the globe but hated by his maternal community Okokolo only because his father hails from Abugbe and that he has chosen to stand on the part of truth from time immemorial. This is immaterial and again another big question begging for answer is that that description of the Oche Hyacinth learnt in Abugbe or at the great Okokolo?

Ogwola Adah Gabriel sent in from Abuja