Online Child Pornography: Causes, Effects And Lasting Solutions !

By Rotimi Onadipe
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While the internet is a tool for information, communication, education, innovation, economic growth etc, it has also made it easier for paedophiles to engage in online child pornography because they can now access and share pictures & videos of sexual activities involving children online.

Child pornography refers to pictures or videos of children in sexual activities. e.g. children that are half-naked, naked or having sex. It is also known as "child sexual abuse material". It can be created through direct involvement of the child, sexual assault or by a computer.

The introduction of the internet has made child pornography more pervasive in the technology age. Perpetrators of child pornography, particularly paedophiles have joined several social media platforms to search for their victims, making the internet unsafe for children.

The internet is now a common place where people share and trade images of children involved in sexual activities.

Research by experts revealed that within one year, 45 million images were reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Another research revealed that in every minute, over 2 million pornographic materials are exchanged online and children are the most vulnerable.

Causes of Online Child Pornography:
1. Lack of moral education: An adult or a child without moral education will never see anything wrong in such immoral act.

2. Lack of internet safety education: Internet safety education ensures proper use of the internet by both children and adults.

3. Compulsive use of the internet: The internet is loaded with a lot of pornographic materials which may lure users to online pornography when used excessively.

4. Indecent dressing among children: e.g. wearing of half nude dresses that expose the sensitive parts of the body.

5. Lack of Sex Education: When children have little or no knowledge about sex education they can easily get involved in online child pornography or become victims.

Effects of Online Child Pornography:
1. Victims image will be seen by almost all internet users.

2. Victims are exposed to sexual activities at the early stage of their lives. This may later lead to sex addiction & multiple sex partners.

3. It affects the life of victims psychologically.
4. In some cases, victims will not be able to further their education because of the stigma.

5. It encourages unsafe sexual practices.
Solutions to Online Child Pornography:
1. Parents should give their children moral education from the early stages of their lives.

2. Parents & their children should be educated about internet safety.

3. All pornographic materials should be kept away from children. e.g. pictures or videos with sexual activities.

4. Moral & sex education should be included in the curriculum of primary & secondary schools.

5. Religious, government & non governmental organizations should always organise programs on the dangers and lasting solutions to online child pornography in the society.

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