Chief Bola Tinubu And Comrade Adams Oshiomhole; Victims Of Politics Or Karma?

By Samuel Imokhai

The recent political imbroglio recently witnessed or being seeing in it's manifestation by all keen political observers in the political milieu of Chief Bola Tinubu and Comerade Adams Oshiomole is not one anyone can claim oblivious of, but the fact that the duo are seen as losers in their respective political battle and survival interest is not one jibs and gambols.

But are they in any way digesting the believe that the president who is the leader of the party and a suppose 'father of all' actually validated the Martin Luther's (the German Monk) surmise when he once said "you are not only responsible for what you say, but for what you do not say"? Are they both feeling the burning point of the game of real politics or they are only engulfing, fading and submerging in the real ocean of Karma.

It's not in doubt that Tinubu's quarry to fly the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential flag after president Muhammadu Buhari's tenure ends might have hit the ray even before fully heating the road.

Although this fact can not be outrightly fully ventilated in some quarters, the activities before the recent political plays came as water sprinkled on the fainting man that fully brought him right back to life.

On Saturday,May 4,2019, the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nadir El-Rufai,while speaking in an event at Ikoyi, Lagos, spoke on how he defeated 'godfathers' in Kaduna politics. His words were largely interpreted as an indirect statement aimed at the perceived actions of the National Leader of the party of the APC,Bola Tinubu.

In his words as publishes by various media outfits, such as Pulse Nigeria on May 6,2019.

" If I want to run for Governor of Lagos,I will start now. I will commission a study to know why those five million registered voters did not vote; where do they go on election day? Then I will start visiting them for the next four years. I will try and get just two million of them to come and vote for me,I will defeat any godfather"

He also asserted "many of the godfathers are either on paper or in the mind of people in politics. They are defeatable. We retired four of them in Kaduna State within a four year time and they are gone. One of them boasted that he put me in the government house and he will take me out".

The event of the 63rd birthday celebration of the minister of interior and former Osun State governor,Rauf Aregbesola,as reported by Saharareporters,on May 31,2020 espoused the above fact,when he (Governor El-Rufai) asserted " I want to congratulate my brother,Ogbeni (Aregbesola) on his birthday. You know I'm your man any day. I'm not Asiwaju's man and you are Asiwaju's man,but I am your man any day. Asiwaju and I have differences but you and I have no differences ".

No doubt,the likes of Akinwumi Ambode have max reasons to cavort and foxtrot on what they might perceive as the divine amble and traipse of Karma at work. How his chances of coming back to the Lagos State government house as governor was almost a done deal!

I believe only he who wear shoe truly knows how it pitches.

And on the recent Oshiomhole's political contraction and cutback,it's expedient to aver and avow that if there is anyone who has enjoyed a translucence of democracy through the courts, such a one is Comerade Adams Oshiomhole. The Comerade Governor was known to have enjoyed a political interdenominational support of the people of Edo State across board. And the Royal Ottomans gave positive node to his emergence.

The Royal stool of the Benin kingdom in its wisdom had never failed to stand in the gap and in support of what is best for the people of Benin and Edo State at large.

It was believed by all that the coming into 'Osadebe Avenue' by Oshiomhole was rightly 'vox populi,vox dei' (the voice of the people is the voice of God) to the people of the Edo and thereby bringing an end to the crux of 'godfatherism' in the state,as made stamped by the epoch ruling of Nov 11,2008 by Justice Umaru Abdulahi,upholding the state election tribunal which earlier declared Oshiomhole the duly elected Governor of Edo State.

The Crown Prince (now the Oba of Benin),His Royal Majesty Omo 'N' Oba N'edo Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Ewuare 11 as stated by Vanguard on May 28,2013, while conferring Oshiomhole with the traditional title of Oshiosimu (Divine Redeemer) described Oshiomhole as the much awaited Messiah. In his words "When Comerade Adams Oshiomhole and his team showed up,a little bird whispered to me that God has finally answer our prayers in Edo State. At this juncture, it was apparent that the much awaited Messiah has arrived. We must commend the Governor for his relentless effort for combating godfatherism system in Edo politics which I hope other parts of Nigeria has drown from".

Even though there are believes at some quarters that the fray between Governor Obaseki and Comerade Oshiomhole is one of betrayal of trust,while others are of the believe that the fracas was an attempt to control the state in proxy or play the godfather role in the state politics, it might not be unwise to look at the path of Karma. Even as we all get befuddled at the sudden recent political 'HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN',it might also be believed sturdily that the Ambode treatment was almost manifesting on the path of Governor Obaseki before the twist in events.

Politics is truly a game but Karma seeks no permission to manifest at its time,no Matter whose ox is gored.

Samuel Imokhai is a writer, poet, and a political analyst - [email protected]