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Covid - 19: Ebonyi to slash 2020 fiscal year budget by 26%

By Mbam Ogodo, Abakaliki
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Ebonyi state government has announced her plans to review her budget of 2020 fiscal year by 26% from its original sum of N178,366M to N131,874M

Ebonyi state Governor, Chief David Umahi made this known on the occasion of state government reviewed 2020 citizen budget input and consultative meeting at the Ecumenical center, Abakaliki.

Umahi said that In view of the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the global world economy of which Nigeria is not spared which he said has resulted in the fall in both oil price and daily oil production.

He stressed on the need to review the 2020 budget to accommodate realistically the effects of COVID-19 crisis

management, and to resurge the economy bearing in mind a sharp decline in the state expected capital receipts.

The Governor disclosed that the state has made some proposals in her review which he wants a public hearing of different segments of the state to review to enable him finalise the process of revising the budget and its presentation to the House of Assembly for approval.

"In examinng the 2020 budget review, it is important to examine the major focus of the 2020 budget estimates and its performance from Jan 2020 to 31st May 2020.

"We have selected 10 key MDAs and presented here in the approved budget and performance for 5 months. 2.2. Health had approved budget of 9.18% of total budget and a performance of 4.39% within Five (5) months meaning that it

would perform over 100% of its target at the end of 2020 .

This poor performance and huge allocation were because of the expected

$150m Ring road loan which we have removed from our budget review so as the is being funded direct from CBN.

The Governor added that the exercise is in line with the Federal Government and the World Bank under States

Transparency Programme which requires that different segment of the

society do participate at the time a budget is being prepared. He commended the process in that every segment of the society will have the opportunity to contribute on how best their money should be spent. In preparation of 2020 budget.