Possible Joining Of Forces Between Bobi And Besigye

By Abbey Semuwemba

I don’t think there’s any group in opposition, as far as I know, that is against Bobi Wine working with Besigye. Clearly, though, Bobi is not everyone's cup of tea and he made a lot of mistakes in his quest to weaken Besigye, and making him a head of any coalition will probably go down in critical history as a terrible error of judgement. I, personally, would be satisfied if he gets down from his high horse and accepts to join the People's Government being headed by Besigye.

I wrote about unity in 2018, for those who have been following my posts, and literally begged Bobi to work with Besigye. He instead went ahead and attacked him at the DP reunion. But its good he’s correcting the mistakes he made then and is now courting the same Besigye now. He reminds me of the story of the German soldiers at the end of WWII when they tried to flee westward so they'd be captured by the Americans and not by the Russians. Similarly, it looks like Museveni has encircled the PP movt, and it's good they are now running towards Besigye rather than Museveni. But terms of their accommodation must be set. The first step is for Bobi to join the People’s govt. If he wants FDC’s endorsement for the presidency, then he should formally join FDC. Any unity right now should be for purposes beyond the 2021 election—that train has left the station!

For collaboration to become effective, it will have to overcome several hurdles. It's easier on paper to reach an understanding between a political party with another political party, but it's difficult to do so with a roguish movt, as PP is. Political parties are heavily regulated, further bound by the complexity of political oversight. Not only are institutions fiercely protective of what is seen as ‘their’ data, they are also concerned about breaking regulatory rules. If you are making a deal with People Power, apart from Bobi Wine, himself, as an individual, who else are you exactly dealing with here? The whole thing is very complex and complicated. The only way around that is to get Bobi to either accept becoming a member of your party, or persuade him to form a party, and then you kind of find a well regulated level to deal with him. Otherwise, at the moment, any party that deals with PP will only find room for him and a few guys he recommends. The only viable thing ,I guess, he can bring to the table is that he has the numbers or a huge following behind him,but the problem is it's difficult to know or verify how popular he is nation-wide.