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Mandy, one of the few female comedians in the showbiz industry, is set to show that the industry is not a man's turf alone.

And since her male counterparts have been staging shows, Mandy feels it is time she told everybody she too can do it.

Now that she has clocked 15 years in the comedy world, Mandy feels it is just the right time to celebrate her anniversary.

Come early next month, the queen of comedy is ready to crack so many ribs in Lagos. But this time, she is adding class and finess to it.

She said, “I am going to give out free phones and free motor bikes to guests. This show is going to see female comedians digging it out with their male counterparts.”

Mandy disclosed that even as ribs are cracking, guests should expect to rock until they 'say no more.'

“Weird MC, Mumma Gee, Faze, Yinka Davies, Infinity, Segun Obey, Bouqui and Tunde and Wunmi Obey are all coming to add spice to the event,” she said.