May 17: Faith for Difficult Circumstances

By Bassey Ekong
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When we pray God’s Word in faith, things that have been bound up will suddenly be released. You’ll say, “But I have been trying to accomplish that for ten or for so many years!” yes, but you had not prayed according to God’s Word and trusted God’s faithfulness until now. Belief will open doors that hard work can’t unlock. God says if you believe Him, He will give you the best. (See Genesis 45: 18.)

For example, at your work place God may put you in a lesser position to check your attitude. He may put you there to develop your character until you qualify, when God will say, “It’s time to move up!” even if people try to thwart you, prayer will foil their plans. This happened to me some 21 years ago. Expect God to act, and look for the fulfillment of the promise – or it may pass you by.

The local church in Jerusalem met and prayed for Peter when he was imprisoned for preaching the gospel, and he was delivered by an Angel of the Lord from the prison where he was thrown into. Peter knocked on the door of the house where many of the believers were praying. They were astonished when they saw Peter even though they had been praying for his release. (See Acts 12: 1 – 16). I believe they were astonished because they did not really believe in the power of their prayer. They didn’t believe God could deliver Peter form his very difficult circumstances, and they didn’t believe God could answer prayer that quickly.

Are you facing difficult circumstances? Do you expect God to deliver you, or are you thinking along the same lines as those early Jerusalem church members who prayed for Peter? God is able to answer your prayer, and He is able to answer quickly-in any situation. I pray for you today; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will visit you suddenly, this month, this year, and at a time you least expected Him and He will deliver you from that bondage and fulfill your desire even to your amazement, all for His honor and glory, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Note: Your faith and belief will open doors that hard work cannot unlock.

Let’s pray: Our Father, I bring my difficult circumstances before You now. Thank you that You have promised to hear and answer our prayers. I trust You and Your faithfulness for the answer to all my prayers, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: 1 Chronicles 1-3; John 5: 25-47

Your Faith is on Trial All the Time.