Forced Covid-19 Vaccination and Bill Gates Media Defenders

Source: Rev. Obinna Akukwe Director General, Igbo Mandate Congress
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Since the Covid-19 pandemics started, and Bill Gates indiscreet quick advertise of his digital vaccination as antidote to the virus, his media defenders have been reeling strange gratitudinal dispositions towards the multi billion philanthropist.

Bill Gates was the first to advertise a digital certificate as a tech identification of vaccinated recipients. Digital certificate is derivable from chips implantation. A digital certificate can be derived from a tattoo. The difference between a digital implantation and digital tattoo is technically, very insignificant. I am not a rookie in digital intelligence to be deceived by these media craps.

I am a christian, cleric, theologian and IT expert among others and I have forewarned that the Coronavirus is a Chinese contraption which the Illuminati wants to use to install a new world order. Some of these articles include I used to elucidate these points include

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5 Forced Vaccination Bill: Illuminati Hijacks Nigeria's Parliament, Covid-19 Team

Rehearsing these write-ups is not part of my script, however, I know the book of Revelation 13; 16-18 says “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666”

Far back in 1993, some South Korean missionaries came to Nigeria , and in a programme hosted at Grace of God Mission, 2B Owerri Road, Enugu ,under Rev Dr Austin Nwodika, now Archbishop, and warned us, not to accept any digital mark under any guile, whether for health, security, commerce etc. I attended the 3-evening programme and their warnings are still fresh in my memories, twenty seven years later.

Following my degree and theological studies, and practices, I ventured into the IT world and got appreciable knowledge in networking, database administration among others and my vast knowledge had helped me understand all these controversies-5G, artificial intelligence, chips technology among others , therefore, that digital certificate from Bill Gates is capable of being used negatively if it gets into rogue hands.

Bill Gates had spent about $1.6 billion dollars in Nigeria, 90 percent of them in the Muslim dominated North of Nigeria to eradicate sickness. Wonderful news!.

A woman ex-minster of petroleum in Nigeria under the immediate past administration now on asylum in the UK, in my estimate, stole over $6 billion dollars, and the British authorities are aiding her asylum because there is no evidence that her repatriation with her loot will be utilized by he new czars.

Therefore, Bill Gates spend $1.6 billion dollars in Nigeria, but an oil minister stole $ 6 billion dollars including diverted oil receipts not passed through federation accounts,outright oil theft, oil bunkering, outrageous oil brokerage fees, and fuel subsidy scam. During the five years that the immediate past regime held sway, in my estimate, over $142 billion dollars was looted.

Read more from my article 'Stolen!! $142 billion dollars Nigeria’s Oil Revenue in 5 Years – In The Midst of National Poverty-additional Financial Mathematics'.

Prof Chukwuma Soludo, Nigeria's former Governor of Central Bank, in his estimate of the loot of that five years, put it at $150 billion dollars. President Buhari in 2015 told the UK government that $150 billion dollars was looted in five years.

Therefore, if all these strange media defenders of Bill Gates philanthropy had used the stolen $142 billion dollars , there would be no need for Bill Gates $1.6 billion dollars incursion into our health system. All these thieves who are making the Bill Gates vaccine the only alternative and wants us to surrender our freedom because of his gracious philanthropy, are all part of the new world order agenda.

Some of these big thieves are among those who deceived ex- president Jonathan, created imaginary enemies for him, and looted the nation blind when the Otuoke born leader was chasing Boko Haram members he admitted were in his cabinet. These same thieves looted and derailed Jonathan's transformation agenda to the point that the gentleman president attracted the opprobrium of world leaders.

These cheer leaders have turned to Bill Gates media defenders , after embezzling between $142-$150 billion dollars which would have been used to provide pipe borne water, decent housing, decent living, social security and food security and health security, asking us to sell our collective destiny because of Bill Gates goodwill is very satanic.

I am not against what Bill Gates is developing, its even good for mankind, if it will mitigate diseases, and I commend him for his activities in Nigerian but I know that the angst against Bill Gates is not limited to Nigeria.

1.Millions who blasted bill gates on social media over his vaccine are mostly Europeans and Americans, not Nigeria . His post drew 45,000 nasty comments in 24 hours on twitter

2. A petition calling on the White House to investigate Bill and Melinda Gates for “crimes against humanity” surpassed half a million signatures, above the one hundred thousand threshold since its creation on April 10. The signatories are not Nigerians

3. Robert Kennedy Jr., the son of Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of John F. Kennedy, had criticized Bill Gates vaccine. He alleged last week that "Gates had used his influence to shift the WHO's approach to disease eradication" Robert Kennedy Jr's father was assassinated by the Illuminati the same manner they assassinated John F Kennedy. Robert Kennedy Jr knows much about the new wold order and the reasons his father and nephew were taken out. He is not from Nigeria.

The groundswell of attacks against Bill Gates comes from Europe and America and I do not see why Nigerian media defenders will ignore all these global concerns and reel us of how we should be grateful for the help from the philanthropist.

Bill Gates is a model of philanthropy and model of good heart towards the needy, and I appreciate the fact that apart from his medical incursions,his Microsoft applications and operation systems are the most user friendly , though its security and firewalls are not so secure. Therefore, Bill Gates has the reputation of make things digitally easy.

Despite my admiration for Bill Gates, I know so much about the 'One World Order' agenda and the Illuminati ethos of 'Chaos before Order' which they wrenched from the Freemasons. I know about the biblical ethos that the Antichrist will appear peaceably at first before unleashing terror on the world Daniel 11:21: “[There] shall arise a vile person, to whom they [the predecessors of the coming world government] will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue.” Therefore, anything that resembles a mark of the beast is suspect, no matter who is involved.

Bill Gates philanthropy thrives in Nigeria because some black monkeys embezzled over $400 billion dollars of corrupt bananas since independence leaving the populace in search of hopeless Covid-19 palliatives.

Bill Gates ! I like your good heart ! but I look unto 'Jesus the Author and Finisher of My Faith' Hebrew 12:2 . Jesus had already warned mankind in Revelation 13: 16-18 about any mark on either the hand or forehead whether for health, security, economic , pandemic, epidemic purposes.

I had rather follow the opaque instructions of Jesus rather than the digital innovations and technological wonders of Bill Gates .

I know that the Illuminati controls vast aspects of the world. Their top echelons supplied steel and oil to the Nazi's during the second world war and yet joined allied forces to destroy Hitler. They create chaos and brings solution midst the cheering of unsuspecting minds. They are in the military, churches, politics, business and they control the media .

I have encounter a few Illuminati top echelons in my missionary and private life and I know their antecedents.

Bill Gates philanthropy in Nigeria was a fallout of years of corrupt impoverishment of the people by their leaders. If the successive oil windfalls from Obasanjo through Yar'adua to Jonathan has been judiciously applied, we wouldn't have needed any Bill Gates philanthropy.

Therefore, let the strange media defenders of Bill Gates shut their dirty mouth and let all these forced vaccination be first experimented in the United States.

(Obinna Akukwe , columnist wrote via [email protected],

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