Covid 19. Meaning Of Lockdown In Nigeria.

By Tsado Mohammed
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Just like in most other issues. Domestic or internationally. The Nigerian Government have always reacted very late. And sometimes whenever the response came. It’s almost like we are on a different planet from the rest of the world. Thus, leaving those on the frontline at the mercy of hope.

Saving the Lamentations for another day. Once the dust of COVID 19 finally settles. Nigerians will be dumbfounded by the extent of financial damage that has been done through this process of actively doing nothing. That is what happens when you are doing the wrong thing. Otherwise. For a Government that rode to power on the back of majority of the population living below poverty. Since 2015. How long does it take to ask everyone that is 18years and above to open a single bank account and obtain a BVN. Using the National ID Card and voters card which everyone is expected to have. How long?

It’s such a shame to see the disorganized, disrespectful distribution of palliative when Government is supposed to reach every eligible individual with a single button command. Given the political exigencies in the Country. Analog data collection and implementation has discredited and undermine past Government policies, except there is immediate reorganization, this will not be an exception.

Leaving behind certain matter for another day. Government need to immediately take the right decisions and make the right pronouncement some of which include the following.

1. Mandatory use of face mask in any public place were there is more than two people throughout the Country.

2. Establish mobile courts to immediately prosecute any offenders.

3. Every Nigerian that is 18years and above should open a functional bank account.

4. Every Individual coming into the Country must be tested for COVID 19. Within the shortest time possible. Which they should pay for before they are allowed to enter the Country.

5. Set up a committee of professionals and relevant agencies to run a trial of all claims for COVID 19 in the Country, as well as COVID 19 herbal medicine from Madagascar for immediate use by all infected persons instead of waiting for WHO while the pandemic continue to spread like wildfire.

6. Close down all Almajari schools and end all forms of street hawking by children under the age of 15.

Given all that we know about the virus. All this should have been implemented within the first two weeks. You don’t go to war without thinking of a possible way out. Continue Lockdown will not solve the problem. It’s better late than never. Perhaps when my book “POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA” (Post COVID 19 Nigeria) is published, we should have answers to the development question in Nigeria. Hope someone is listening!

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