Collateral Victims Of Diseases & Economic Hardships Are Black & Poor

By Farouk Martins Aresa 
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Sometimes most people of Goodwill, regardless of color, wonder how rugged and durable Africans survived all the impediments and odds they face daily. Even in their own Continent, not to talk about Diaspora. Yet, Africans disrespect one another more than other natural biological animals. Compare that to how people that have faced adversity in their history love and support one another.

Telling the Youths they have to work twice as hard as their cohorts sounds so strange to them, they wonder if their parents are serious. It becomes incredible if told they may suffer the same consequences in their own countries where leaders and politicians that look like them are stooges for outside powers, just for selfish greed. History is becoming more difficult to teach at home since some schools no longer offer it.

Natural human reaction to a hostile environment is flight or fight back. We cannot remain in a stage of preparedness all the time without wear and tear on our Defense Mechanism. This state leads to hypertension, shortness of breath, asthma, emphysema, fear of starving leading to craving for food or obesity, diabetes leading to downward spiral into opportunistic infections. Therefore, when we claim we do not have control or there is nothing we can do about pre-existing conditions, of course there are!

It is not by accident or coincidence that Africa and Diaspora Africans always catch the worst end of the shaft. Being Predisposed is a systemic act that shields others before they are hit with most of the diseases and Economic hardships afflicting Blacks. COVID-19, Devaluations and Structural Adjustment are examples of the same waves hitting minorities at home or in Diaspora.

We are not supposed to express Environmental Justice or the injustices perpetrated for fear of being labelled. Africans and minorities outside our continent and countries where they are not in power are always predisposed to Economic hardships and live closer to environmental dumps. When the majority sneeze, minorities catch pneumonia. It is always explained as being predisposed.

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank have their carrot and stick methods of bringing developing countries in line with the Economic Order favored by their Sponsors. Money or credit extended to them is to trade with Sponsors according to prices dictated, not by negotiation. The money must be used to clear existing loans, interest and penalties. If they are dictating the price and currencies of trade, it is an advantageous relationship at the expense of the weaker partners to make their markets more liberal or open only to their finished goods and services.

African countries cannot sleep with their eyes closed. No matter how many trained economists foreigners train and hire. Foreign Investors Portfolios countries will continue to devour Africa unless we learn how to arm ourselves with poison pills. Stop borrowing and trading in foreign currencies and establish African wide common currency. Whoever wants to trade in Africa must raise the demand for African currency to make it stronger.

The world's greatest debtor only trades in its own currency. It cannot not default because it can print its own money if other countries stopped buying its Treasuries or bonds. Default is only tactical and no country can do anything about it if a nuclear power defaulted. When Zambia defaulted, the Chinese took over a part of the Country. The Japanese billionaire Hideki Yokoi once bought the Empire State Building in New York only to sell it back at a discount. Who can take over any part of the USA?

Then comes Debt Trap Diplomacy by Odious Loans by China: Tanzania recently rejected Chinese loans as India did. It makes you wonder about the mentality of those that negotiated the loans in the first place. It was negotiated by the previous Administration as a loan agreement with Chinese investors to build Tanzania Port on condition that the Chinese would get it for 30 years and 99 years uninterrupted lease.

India and Bangladesh had also rejected Chinese loans. When it was revealed in the Delhi High Court that the Indian government had agreed to pay $3.9 million for Covid-19 kits that had been imported from China at a cost of $1.6 million, with the difference going to Indian intermediaries. Even Bangladesh, learning from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives debt trap, decided to construct its biggest infrastructure project from its own finances.

Indeed, the main source of foreign income for a couple of African countries, Oil, is going to dry up because the price of international oil in the market entered negative territory. Anyone that can add the depressed price of oil and the economic impact of COVID-19 in Africa knows that Nigeria will face a challenge it had not lived up to in the past.

Look at Senegal, a country that meets the crisis of the day, COVID-19 head-on with one US dollar mask and $50.00 ventilator. Yet African countries are not "rushing" to patronize Senegal or learning, replicating and improving their success as a world class solution. We know if this was an American or European made, corrupt politicians all over Africa could have bombarded them for imported products by inflated contacts.

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