By NBF News

Kemi Oyetade
I will not tolerate it at all. No matter how calm I am and the kind of love I have for him, I will not forgive him. I will not forgive him for destroying my daughter's future. I cannot kill him, but I will take my daughter and run to a far place where he would not see us forever. No one prays for such and any woman that says she would forgive the man in a haste, is telling lies. God forbid that such should happen to me.

Olabisi Adetona
As a Christian, I will handle it in a Christian way. I will first of all pray over it. After which I will ask him why he did that. I will take it easy with him because the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. I will also take my daughter to the hospital for medical check-up and to ascertain the extent of damage it inflicted on her.

Whether the damage is minor or major, I will take it easy. Futhermore, I will report him to my priest who would conduct deliverance on him. I cannot take the matter to court because they will charge him with rape which would land him in prison. I will keep an eye on my daughter so that such does not repeat itself.

Beatrice Alaribe
I will not be happy with such a man at all. Though it will not make me to divorce him, but my love for him will be affected. It is outrageous, incredible and tormenting to live with such memories. It will take time for me to love him again.

Philomena Oloko
That is sacrilege. It is a taboo and an abomination for a man to sleep with his daughter. If my husband does that which I am not praying for, I will not forgive him. I will fight him to the last. It is not easy and posssible to kill him otherwise such a man deserves to die. It will take me time to forgive him.

Evelyn Onuoha
I will report him to his kinsmen. They will be the ones that would handle the case. My daughter belongs to them as well as the man. So, they are in a better position to decide his fate. The decision should not be mine. What ever they arrive at is where I will stand.

Onyinye Ndinechi
My daughter cannot be my running mate, that is why I will kill him. He has ruined the life of his daughter. The social stigma will follow her like a shadow. He cannot be a father and a husband at the same time. So, he does not deserve to live.

Nkechi Chukwuani
Let the law takes its course. Are you sure he is the real father of that child? How can a man be on top of his daughter? I do not believe it is ordinary, he is a cultist. He is not worth calling a father or husband. My other daughter will never bear his name.

Toyin Ajayi
I will save my marriage. It has come and gone and I cannot do anything about it. Anything that happens in life, God is aware and permits it. I will simply take it easy. I will not even tell my neighbours because you do not know what is happening in their own homes. I will just keep it to myself, but finally, I will separate her from her father and he will not see her again.

Prof Awipi
This is not the first time such a heinous crime is being committed. The law should take its course and prosecute the man.

Anne Okonkwo
He must be a devil. How can a man sleep with his own daughter? He is an animal and must be treated as such. Such a man does not deserve to live. Just give him rat poison and he would go and die instead of allowing him to bring shame and disgrace to the family.

Ekaette Okon
God will not allow such a thing to happen to me. But if it does, I will just pack my things and leave his house, because I cannot live with such a man. He must be so irresponsible and I can't imagine myself living with an irresponsible man.

Juliet Johnson
You should know that the man is quite irresponsible and has no respect for his matrimonial home. The man has no respect for his wife that is why he could bebave like that. If a man has no respect for me, why should I continue to live with him? I must quit. In fact, he is a disgrace to humanity.