Controversial Aondoakaa Denies US Government Ban

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San Francisco, June 26, (THEWILL) – Nigeria’s controversial former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Michael Aondoakaa has debunked reports circulating in some online media that the United States Government banned him and his immediate family from entering the United States.

In a statement issued today through his media assistant, Mr. Onov Tyuulugh and made available to THEWILL, the discredited lawyer said, "I am not a security risk anywhere in the world. I have not been banned from entering the United States and I have my visa intact. Secondly, none of my relatives has a student visa to the United States as claimed by some publications. Therefore, the US Government cannot revoke what they did not issue.

"The publication is a great misconception of how the US State Department works. The issue of revocation of visa of any foreigner, including student visa, cannot be a matter for the President of the US, who is considered to be the leader of the world. It is a matter of State Department which ends on the table of the Secretary of State.

"When the publication came online on Wednesday and several newspapers brought it to my attention, I contacted the US Embassy in Nigeria and a person, who described himself as the Deputy Head of Mission, told me that they have no instruction from Washington to revoke my visa."

"My being a member of the Governing Council of a UN body was through an election and the US Government voted for my candidature. And there was an agreement sent by Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry to all countries, including the US, before I was elected.

"The US Government supported and voted for me during the election in 2009 in Rome. Apart from the US, France, Britain, Germany and all the super powers voted for me. The records are there for anybody to access. So, it is a blatant and reckless story calculated to embarrass me."

On the allegation that he is being investigated for money laundering and fraud, the former AG wrote, "I have no single bank account in the United States and any foreign bank account anywhere in the world, including South Africa.

"I have not visited South Africa throughout my lifetime. The allegation of freezing $44million transaction and linking me with it is an April Fool story."

"I have no foreign account anywhere in the world and I have not done any transaction with anybody anywhere in the world.

"I am surprised that all this is coming when I returned from Rome and responded to reporters’ enquiries that the issue of zoning of any elective office post in Nigeria is not in the Constitution.

"And this publication is coming after I stated that the issue of electoral reform is on course. The simple reason for saying that the electoral reform is on course is that the constitution amendments needed to have an effective electoral law, for the reform were initiated during my time as the nation’s AGF based substantially on Justice Uwais Committee’s Report.

"The late President Umaru Yar’Adua forwarded it to the National Assembly and President Goodluck Jonathan followed it up. Therefore, the electoral reform is on course. And there is nothing the President or INEC can do if these laws are not given to them."