Don't Just Announce Your Relief Materials; Deliver Them!

By Waliu Adeyeri

It's no news that the (total) lockdown in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and some other states has birthed a new virus known as hunger. Many whose major sources of income involves moving around, private organisations which are not listed among the essential firms are to shut down while their employees are unsure of incentives at the end of the month.

It is incontrovertibly truthful that the Government decision on the lockdown is the most difficult but necessary directives needed to curb the spread of this novel virus. However, it is important to inquire about the Government's readiness to ameliorate the masses' hunger.

The reactions to the Federal Government's extended lockdown are no more whispers. Thanks to the social media, news carriers and rumour mongers for making the whispers audible enough even to the deaf.

The whispers were echoed that the State and Federal Government, Political office holders, wealthy individuals, Non-governmental organisations and a host of others have been ANNOUNCING their relief materials.

While some delivered it to the proper beneficiaries, some disbursed it to non-deserving persons, while some only announced. We also have another category that disbursed below average yet announced a higher packages disbursed.

I have heard a lot lament on the gruesome implications of this lockdown on their lives. Many have been infected by hunger. No food in the house yet billions are being announced for palliatives. Is it that difficult to do the right thing even for once?

It would cost nothing unbearable to deliver these relief materials at deserving individuals' door steps. It would cost nothing unbearable to subsidise every service everyone might need in their homes.

Reducing the cost charges on mobile transfer, charges on data and call rate, and every other necessary essentials needed during the lockdown. This is another way to deliver relief materials to all and sundry, which will greatly keep everyone indoor even without the use of force.

I will conclude by invoking the Yoruba adage that goes: "ibere kii se onise, eni ba se pari laa nki ku ise", which can be literarily translated as: "the end justifies the means". Hence, don't just announce your palliatives kindly finish your benevolent endeavours by delivering it to deserving persons.

Waliu Adeyeri is a graduate of English from the University of Ilorin. A content writer and Freelance writer with some of his works featured in magazines and online platforms.