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Segun Obe is one of the fast-rising musicians in the country. He may not be as popular as his elder brother, Tunde, but one thing you cannot take away from him is his vocal chord.

Many may think this young man got into music to follow his brother's footsteps, but Segun told Spectacles that he was already in the industry before his brother got into it.

“I have been into music for more than a decade. I am not into music because of my brother. In fact, I brought my brother into the first band he played for. I was already in the industry when music was not as glamorous as it is today. That is to show you the passion I have for it.”

He said he didn't go into music because he was a blockhead, or because he couldn't do any other thing. Segun said he went into music because he found out that it was his calling.

“Nowadays, anybody can wake up one morning and decide to become a musician. During my own time, it wasn't like that. You had to be talented. I schooled in the US. I had mentors, I was schooled in this art. I read books on music. I didn't just jump into it. Music was my calling and I am not regretting getting into it.”

Many musicians have said they started out as a chorister, Segun is no exception. In fact, he is still a chorister.

“I have always been a chorister. Music, to me, is not just a money-making venture. I use my music to touch lives. Each time I ministered, I noticed that people were touched. Some times, I minister in hospitals and patients got healed. I get fulfilled each time I sing and I get people's attention.”

Since he is blessed with a good voice, Segun decided to turn professional 10 years ago.

“That was when I came out with my first CD and it was a success. I did a song, 'I'll blow you a kiss,' with Mike Aremu on the sax and the music was able to cut even beyond the gospel genre.”

As popular as his songs are, the CDs are not in the market. Segun blamed it on his marketer.

“People don't get to see my CD on the streets. My marketer is responsible. I have been with him for two years and I am rounding up my contract with him soon. I feel a lot of displeasure knowing that I have a good CD but it's not in the market.”

Could it have been frustration that made him become born again, Spectacles asked.

“I wasn't frustrated, but I needed comfort. I needed to lay my head on somebody's shoulders. I lost my father when I was three. He was trying to learn how to swim and he drowned. I also lost my mother. I didn't have anybody to talk to. I needed succour and I found it in Christ.”

Has his being a Christian helped him shun life's vices, especially those associated with men in showbiz?

“Some people say they must smoke or drink before they would be able to perform on stage. I will never smoke anything to get high. I get high on the Most High. My own igbo is the Lord. I do not drink. I do not need to have women flock around me to show that I am a big boy. I can do it if I want to, it would only take phone calls. But it does not add anything to my life.”

However, that he is born again does not mean that he does not have female friends. Segun has loads of them.

“My greatest fans are the female. I have cordial relationship with ladies. I am so diplomatic when it comes to my relationship with them. I try to run away from trouble, and I am not getting into any trouble soon.”

Oh yes, 'old things have passed away' now that he is born again. But how many hearts did he crush when he was still in the 'world'?

Segun said it was his heart that was broken many times.

“I am serious, my heart was broken many times. I am a very soft and easy-going person. I don't like wahala. I have been in relationships many times and all of a sudden, things would go wrong, she would stop picking my calls and you would find out later that things weren't flowing any longer. These days I am very careful.”

He has it all, good looks, good voice, fat pocket. Is it not time for him to settle down?

“I am not married. I am very single. I want to concentrate on my music. There might be somebody that I am seeing, but marriage is another ball game. Marriage is not about sentiment. You have to have something in common with the person. I am going to keep on loving and romancing my music for now. When it is time for Segun Obe to get married, everybody will surely know.”

That he is born again does not stop adventurous ladies from making moves. Ladies still hound him, even when he had publicly said he wasn't interested.

“I get advances all he time. But I usually draw the line. A certain girl once walked up to me and asked me if I was married. She told me she liked me. The temptations are just too much; it has not been easy to draw the line.”

To the ladies who still want a piece, Segun advised, “Keep hope alive. One of these days, I will marry one of you.”