Group Throws Weight Behind President Buhari, Expressed Worries Over Unholy Body Language Of Northern Cabals

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba
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A group known as South-south APC Reenforcement Group, has thrown its weight behind the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government considering what the group described as fairness on the part of the president.

The group in a press release Monday, recalled that the president's rumoured third term was debunked by him following his uprightness.

The group also bemoaned the body language of some northern and South-south elites in a clandestine move to unseat the National Chairman of the party.

According to the release, "Once again, we the aforementioned group, reiterate our total support and loyalty to President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration.

"Nigerians would recall that, when the issue of third term came up, it was alleged that some Northern cabals were planning to ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari remain in office beyond 2023.

"But, the President, being a man of integrity and a leader per excellence, he publicly denounced it and told Nigerians and the world that he had no ambition to stay beyond May 29, 2023, because the President, Muhammadu Buhari is very much aware that the Presidency will go back to the Southern Nigeria in 2023.

"Mr. President, knows very well that constitutionally, he will be completing his second term of Northern eight years on May 29, 2023, and the Presidency will return to South.

"Despite this fact, as alreay affirmed by President Buhari, we are most worried about the move or the unholy alliance by some APC chieftains in the North and South South collaborating to remove Adams Oshiomohle from office, which suggest that there is a hidden agenda not to allow the Presidency to come to South in 2023.

"Further more, any Northerner, whether in APC or PDP, be it Governor or Minister that is having Presidential ambition for 2023, or plotting to retain the Presidency in North in 2023, should desist and drop the plan becuase it will not be for the interest of the country.

"As a Nation with six geopolitical zones and over 180 million people, it will be disastrous for the North to retain the Presidency in 2023, and that is why we are calling on President Buhari to call to order those Northerners in APC with hidden agenda to contest the Presidential election in 2023.

"Yes, Adams Oshiomohle, National Chairman of APC, is a human, and may have made mistakes, but,we totally condemned the plot to remove him from office, just because those with Presidential ambition in 2023, see, Adams Oshiomohle as a threat.

"The last General election, under the leadership of Adams Oshiomohle as National Chairman of APC, the party won the Presidential election, and more members in the Senate and House of Representatives, and majority of APC Governors.

"Yes, APC lost some states, such as Zamfara, Bauchi, Sokoto, Adamawa, Rivers, and recently Bayelsa via Supreme Court judgement, no one should put the blame on Adams Oshiomohle as there are APC leaders in the aforementioned states saddled with the responsibility to ensure the growth, progress and electoral victory of the party in the respective states.

"Also, we want to use this opportunity to advise APC leaders in South South region to be wise and should never allowed themselves to be used to remove Adams Oshiomohle from office by those who have Presidential ambition in the North come 2023.

"Very importantly, those having Presidential ambition for 2023, must be reminded that Adams Oshiomohle alone cannot singlehandedly make any individual to be APC Presidential candidate and also win the Presidential election, so, it is a miscalculation for anyone to see Adams Oshiomohle as threat to their presidential ambition.

"It is believed that the Northern cabals have a plan to distabilize the South and cause disunity among APC leaders in South South region.

"Emerging facts suggest that the present crisis in the All Progressives Congress APC, and the series of courts cases/judgements including the plot to remove Adams Oshiomohle, National Chairman of APC from office has to do with 2023 Presidential election.

"It is shameful and unexplainable that some known APC leaders in South South have joined in the plot to remove Adams Oshiomohle from office, they should be mindful of their actions and the path they have chosen to betray their own, Adams Oshiomohle.

"We are determined and ready to mobilize and support whoever emerges as APC Presidential candidate from the South in 2022, whether from South West, South South or South East.

"Those Northern cabals plotting for another Northern President in 2023, should be reminded of the consequence as the Southern Nigerians would not accept such injustice.

"The APC leaders in South South must bury their differences now and begin to work for the common interest of the region.

"The Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and Presidential Amnesty Programme, these are agencies established to develop and care for the people of Niger Delta, but have been taken over by the perceived Northern cabals.

The group appealed to President Buhari, not to attend the controversial National Executive Council NEC meeting slated for Tuesday 17th March, 2020.

It is necessary for Mr. President, APC Govenors, Senators, Representatives and key National leaders to boycott the NEC meeting, because the APC which promised CHANGE is expected to do things differently and responsibly.