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There's one secret wish locked up in Kate Henshaw-Nuttal's heart of hearts: to keep on enjoying her six-year marriage for as long as 60 years. This amazingly beautiful star actress confided in in a chat recently. Enjoy.

Why do people admire you so much? What do you think they see in you? (Laughs) They see that I am natural and myself all the time. I am not proud. I'm just myself. Maybe, they feel they can relate to me. I connect naturally to my fans, and they seem to appreciate this. That's it.

Let's look at you as a brand, what do you do to sustain this perception?
I know I'm one already and I try to maintain the things that make me Kate Henshaw-Nuttal. I relax when it is time for me to relax. I work when it is time for me to work. I do the right things at the right time. I take my holiday. I exercise, I eat right.

What kind of person would you say you are?
I'm easy going. I'm cool. I love my neighbour as myself. And I cherish my family a lot. That's me.

You are an outstanding actress. What does it take to be a successful actress?
It's basically hard work, and determination to succeed. Believing in God counts too.

Ok, when you were single did you experience harassment in the industry?
I have never been harassed by anybody.

What about now that you are married?
I have no such experience.

Who do you look up to in the industry?
Joke silver and Justus Esiri.

Can you still recall how it all began?
Years ago, I went for an audition, I didn't think I would make it. A few days later I was told that I was in the lead. That was it. I have played lead roles from then till now.

Can you help us define style?
Style, for me, is whatever makes you look beautiful. Whatever you feel comfortable in. Style is your choice. Style, for me, is having a good heart.

You look trimmed, how did you achieve this head-turning shape and adoring skin tone?
Oh, I work out, I exercise. I make sure I take my rest I make sure I don't overwork myself. Generally, I just have to look good.

How do you juggle your engaging career with family life?
I thank God he has given me the strength to go to work. Come back from work, take care of my daughter, my husband, my home, it's all God

We are sure you're enjoying your marriage?
It's lovely. It's been seven years. I think it's going to go on to 60 years. That's my dream.

By O.Uche