A law enforcement related commentary on mishandling death

Source: Prof. John Oshodi
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Prof. John Oshodi

Apparently this is what really occurred to the great legal mind, Attorney Eric Igbedion Agboegbulem.

In terms of his tragic, uncomfortable and unusual ending, the Nigerian Constitution protects his privacy and rights to protective services as it relates to his remains. The female who looked like a teenager or female child equally deserves freedom of protection from unruly men and women of the media and police.

In terms of police investigations, why was the girl interrogated openly and illegally with her world already in a traumatizing situation?

Why was the body and the hotel room not immediately sealed off for proper medical pathology visit and police monitoring?

The role of the hotel management and interviewing officers needs to be fully addressed in a professional manner. The family of the deceased and the family of the female sex trafficking victim has a good legal case against the hotel and police. The pharmacy store or chemist from where the pills were bought needs to be investigated in terms of prescription license, authority and sales.

Yes, there is freedom of the press but not with disregard to the law regarding sensitive issues like this. This female must be redirected to protective services for medical, therapeutic, educational and housing care. She should be praised for her proficiency in sexual health. The able barrister she said, wanted raw penetration but she resisted and conditioned him to use the condom she kept for business purposes. She even tried to revive him by performing water treatment but all to no avail. She did not try to run away instead called for further help. She is our hero, and a symbol of fairness. As usual the able and highly skilled lawyer did what some men do, look for a remote hotel where one can hide one's identity and seek for non marital sex. In this case with a child looking female. Not good. Sex with children, is a pedophilia act, meaning it is habitual and illegal. We don't know if the great family lawyer has these tendencies.

Like she said he stayed on top her for a very long time, of course such is the consequence of sex enhancement and boosting pills. With the release of increased semen volume, tiredness sets in, plus other unknown factors like ill health and possible intake of his usual medications. Again, we will never know. Only a good crime scene analysis and profiling will help.

See types of drugs and effects:
Yes, we are very religious society but full of disrespectful acts to quote one former president, goodluck jonathan on an international TV. But we must in a godly manner use and add commonsense in all we do as a people.

We need sex education. from elementary school to higher institutions and other interpersonal environments. The psychology of denial is killing us.

This apparently looking teenage girl is a victim of sex trafficking, and she deserves legal protection. From the unprofessional discussions of the police investigators who might have revealed this image they sympathize and knows her Godly innocence. What a way to go.... sweet sweet natural ice cream. Sleep well sir. We all will learn from you. I hope. Please, some of us need this girl's identity to help her therapeutically, and send her to a vocational school with all expenses paid. The President should take up this matter for the sake of citizen protection.

Prof John egbeazien oshodi, an American based Forensic/legal/Clinical Psychologist and sex offender evaluation Psychologist. [email protected]

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