IYC Talks Tough On Insecurity Under Buhari's Government

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba
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Irked by the increasing spat of insecurity across the country under the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), has called on Nigerians to seek alternative means of safeguarding themselves from the hands of criminal elements in the country.

"Nigerians in the circumstance need to look for an alternative measures to secure their lives. No place is safe in the country because the centre is no longer holding the ace. All State Governors should therefore device a means to provide an alternative security measures to save lives and property".

The Ijaw Youth Council president, Pereotubo Oweilaemi, Esq., stated this Friday eve in a press release signed and made available to The Nigerian Voice.

According to him, Nigeria will not know peace unless president Buhari rules the country in accordance with our unity of diversity, "The earlier he does that the better for the country. Buhari needs to rule Nigeria in accordance with the Constitution".

Said he: "We condemn the gruesome murder of the CAN Chairman, Adamawa Branch in cold blood. We join CAN and other well meaning Nigerians to call the Government to stop the serial killings across the Country. President Buhari should also heed to the voice of reasons to overhaul his redundant service chiefs. The lopsided composition of the security structures in the Government and their lack of will to confront the present quagmire is the cause of the rising insecurities, reiterating that the growing insecurities across the country is a clear indication of system failure.

He alleged that the central government has failed in its primary responsibility of securing lives and property in the country, stressing that the people in power at the centre has lost control of the system.

He disclosed that the Ijaw Youth Council, are proud of the south west governors for the introduction of Amotekun, a security outfit geared towards the protection of their lands from criminals.

"IYC commends the South West governors for taking that bold step to establish a regional security outfit called Amotekun. All the regions should replicate that same gesture in each of the geopolitical zones. Security is everybody's business. It has come to a point where all hands need to be on desk to solve this intractable conundrum", he added.