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EXCLUSIVE: Seinye Lulu-Briggs chasing herself

By Sotonye IjuayeDagogo
Mrs. Seinye Lulu-Briggs
Mrs. Seinye Lulu-Briggs
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Q: Your father died at the ripe old age of 88, so why can’t you let him rest in peace? Why the suspicion against your stepmother, Mrs. Seinye Lulu-Briggs?

DLB: It is everybody’s desire and prayer that my father should rest in peace. My father lived a fulfilled life; he was a very devoted Christian. He was a philanthropist per excellence. He cared for people that he did not know and would never have known. A lot of people he did things for, he didn’t care to know them. He was a strong community person who contributed in all community related activities. He made tremendous sacrifices.

He was a very well-known politician of his time, a successful businessman and a family man, father to all his children and to many more that he did not know and so it is our wish that we are able to come together as a family, his children, wife, everybody and give him a very befitting burial.

But again, as members of the family, we would want to know how exactly our father died, given the circumstances of his death. That our father lived up to 88 years is no reason that we should not be allowed to know how, where and when he died.

If as the Chief of the Lulu-Briggs family and the chief mourner, I was given his medical death certificate or it was even shown to me when I so requested of our stepmother, it would have been a lot easier for me to understand what happened. But when we consider that at his age, ailing and gone through several medical conditions, he was held up inside an aircraft that was aground for more than five hours with doors firmly shut; when we consider that he had done tracheostomy operation with tubes inserted in his throat; when we consider that even in the comfort of his home he needed suction at regular intervals, we wonder why anybody would keep him inside an aircraft on ground at the Port Harcourt International Airport for those number of hours.

If the aircraft, as they claimed, had no landing permit to land in Accra, although we had since discovered that the chartered plane had a landing permit, why did the aircraft proceed to carry passengers all of whom proceeded to board the aircraft without going through immigrations, when it was not a domestic but an international flight, only to stay on ground, with door shut for more than five hours? There was no Doctor in the aircraft only a personal nurse.

Moreover, the older children, including me, did not even know that they were embarking on such a trip, even though we were together the previous day and our father was so weak that he couldn’t stay through an hour thanksgiving function in Abonnema.

I am very concerned as a son that my father who was ailing, whom I saw a day before and who was not looking strong at all, was to be taken early the next day into an aircraft on holidays to Accra. Why would this happen and people are expecting us not to ask questions?

We, the older children of our father asked questions and we didn’t get answers, we were not given the medical death certificate, we asked for the mortuary receipts and were given none. At this point we became agitated and reported the matter to the police.

The information we got was that on arrival in Accra, they discovered that he was completely motionless. This bothered us because we felt that the wife and others in the aircraft, knowing the condition of our father, ought to be observing him on a minute by minute basis and not to discover in Accra that he was motionless.

The matter, by the laws of the Republic of Ghana, qualifies for police investigation and the police have instituted same in Accra. The Police authorities in Ghana needed to know why there was no report of such death to the police, why there was no record with the Airport Authorities and the Ghana Immigration Services.

These are the things that have raised serious suspicions and we are asking for answers and when we can’t get any, we worry. If things happen in manners that raise suspicions, it is only proper that we report the matter to the appropriate authority and that is all that we have done.

Fortunately, where we are now, the police are doing their investigation and there is nothing that says that whilst the investigation continues, we cannot give our father a befitting burial.