Bobi's group are poisoning the Uganda opposition!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
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The Bobi Wine group should stop calling themselves PEOPLE POWER(PP), because they are taintainig those two words now, with their uncivilized ways. You can't throw a bottle at someone - peacefully, singing on the stage, and you turn around and shout, " people power". What will happen if the NRM supporters start doing the same to those musicians sympathetic to the opposition? This nonsense must stop. We aren't at war. Atleast, not yet.

This reminds me of people who blow others up, and then turn around, and say, " Allah Akbar ". Seriously, those aren't Muslims. They are terrorists-- terrorising others who just want to live in peace.

Someone would argue to say that it's ok for them to do so, because they are fighting for our rights.This sounds nice, but like the apple that the witch gave to Snow White it has poison within. This violence on innocent people is already poison to the cause. We should care about building a great nation.

Their philosophy, taken to its logical conclusion, would not allow anybody who doesn't support Bobi to interact with them, to make income, or sing anything that doesnt impress them, e.t.c.Their philosophy would allow Kusasira and Full figure to be pelted with stones on stage, simply because they crossed to the ruling party. Their philosophy would result in chaos and degeneracy.

Bias-motivated crime has unique characteristics. As in NRM , where Museveni looks at all opposition as enemies that must be punished, victims and offenders come from different groups. Similary, Bobi's group is promoting hate crime against , not only those in govt, but also those in opposition that don't support Bobi Wine. For instance, i have been reading comments against Hon. Nambooze today on her Facebook page, and they are venile, simply because of her divergent views. In March 2019, Besigye was reportedly attacked by a PP mob as he made his way to his vehicle after a talk show on CBS FM.

Unfortunately, hate crime is reciprocal. Each group can prey upon the other. Though not obvious, these singular aspects incline the data in a unique way. The sizes of victim and offender groups influence victimization rates in a way that is often more significant than intrinsic group bias.

"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."