Beware Of Fake Prophets And Their Predictions In 2020

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May God save us from all our GOs, Pastors, fake visions, liars, money mongers, some of these pastors are now so quite as if there is a “military Coup ” in Nigeria or quite like “graveyard”.

Non of them saw it in their predictions/visions last year that Sowore, Dino Melaye, Saraki, Orji Kalu, Fayose, border closure, etc. would swim in troubled waters. Non of these pastors saw it in their 2019 Predictions that 70% of Nigerians would go to NEXT LEVEL in their suffering, and more into abject poverty.

Those Nigerians worshipping GOs, Pastors, Evangelists etc., continue donating your hard earned money and impoverishing yourselves while your GOs will continue feasting on your weaknesses; “Pastor pray for me, I want promotion, I want to travel abroad, I want a wife, I want a husband, I want a child, I want to win a contract, my husband doesn’t stay at home, my wife is following politicians etc. “.

Your GOs and their family members are in their aeroplanes they bought with our money; donations from your hard earned money, free money from politicians, Scammers, 419s, yahoo-yahoo operators, yahoo-plus boys, Stolen money from government, barons, and you only wave hands saying safe journey to them at the airport flying away and you are happy smiling saying “my Pastor or GO likes me”.

Nowadays, there are Pastor-babalawo, Pastor-thief, Pastor Alagbari, Anything under the skirt Pastors, "lick-lick" Pastors, Pastor-chop-I-chop, or Pastor chop-alone and who will pay this bill Next month-Pastor. Some of these Pastors before climbing pulpit- check what they have in their “mouth” (afose, juju). A lot of these Pastors are thieves, onye ohi, Ole, Barawo, woman rapper, Ritualists etc.!

Non of them saw RUGA in their dreams! Imagine Kidnappers even kidnapped Pastors. These are Pastors that see vision for others, that is to tell you that some, if not all of these Pastors/GOs are original “Wayo”. GOs didn’t see it that his members would be kidnapped! "I dey laugh oooooo!".

Pastor Adeboye; The RCCG General Overseer claimed that God told him he would not die until he builds a church auditorium as big as one of the biggest cities in West Africa, Ibadan. But presently, while you are still living, are you aware that some parents are selling their children to survive? boys are using their girlfriends for money making rituals?, some factories are no longer operating?, graduates are roaming the streets?. The poor ones - about 70% of Nigerians have no access or have limited access to basic necessities of life like; food, medical, clean water, power, etc.

Pastor Adeboye, did you go through what our graduates are going through while you were growing up? Are you not taking good care of your family members? What exactly do you want? You have aeroplanes and Schools that are not accessible to your followers. Go and sleep again and see another revelation to build factories, support the government with investments and after that God will give you another revelation to build a church in the whole Oyo State.

That is not to say we don’t have few good pastors but my people shine your eyes in 2020.

Michael Kehinde Abiodun
Toronto. Canada